Seychelles vs Bora Bora: The Complete Comparison Guide

Seychelles vs bora bora

Are you dreaming of a summer vacation and cannot decide between Seychelles and Bora? You’ve come to the right place! Well-known for their picturesque beaches with crystal-clear waters, these tropical destinations appear similar at first glance. However, if we take a closer look, Seychelles and Bora Bora are different in many ways.

For instance, Bora Bora has only one public beach, while most beaches in Seychelles are open for everyone. On the other hand, Bora Bora sees fewer tropical storms than the island nation of Seychelles.

Comparing Seychelles vs Bora Bora may seem like a difficult task. Therefore, we’ve decided to help you out and put together a comparison of the main differences and key similarities between Seychelles and Bora Bora.

Seychelles vs Bora Bora: Beaches

Beach in the Seychelles
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Beachgoers will be pleased to hear that both Seychelles and Bora have amazing beaches with swaying palm trees, soft white sands, and turquoise waters. In Seychelles, beaches are characterized by unique rock formations and enchanting blue skies. Some of them are peaceful, while others offer perfect conditions for world-class surfing. The most famous beaches in Seychelles are Anse Georgette on Praslin and Anse Major on Mahe.

Beaches in Bora Bora are also beautiful, but limited. The thing is that beaches on the island are located in resorts and only one beach is open to the public. This means that beach hopping in Bora Bora is unfortunately impossible.

If you are staying in an apartment or a boutique hotel in Bora Bora, the only option is to go to the public beach, Matira. If you choose to stay in a resort, we recommend booking your accommodation at the Conrad Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa which is famous for its beautiful white sand beach surrounded by a lush forest. To sum it all up, our vote in this category definitely goes to Seychelles for obvious reasons.

Seychelles vs Bora Bora: Things to do

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The truth is that most people go to Seychelles and Bora Bora for the beaches. Both of these tropical destinations cannot be compared to Bali and Thailand where you will find a wide range of attractions. However, this doesn’t mean that your vacation in Bora Bora and Seychelles will be boring.

In Seychelles, you will find many hiking trails that offer magnificent ocean views. You can visit the second largest atoll in the world in Aldabra to see giant tortoises or spend a day at Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve in Praslin and admire the beauty of its well-preserved palm forest. However, the most popular thing to do in Seychelles is to enjoy water activities like snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, and going on boat trips to other islands.

Bora Bora is also a great place to enjoy hiking with numerous trails on Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia. Since the island has a large population of sharks, activities like snorkeling and feeding the sharks are popular among visitors. So, what’s our verdict here? It’s a tie!

Seychelles vs Bora Bora: Food

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When it comes to food, seafood is a huge part of the cuisine in both Bora Bora and Seychelles. Whether you are craving fresh lobster or you wish to order catch-of-the-day fish, there is plenty to choose from. In Bora Bora, make sure to order the local Poisson Cru, a favorite Polynesian dish of tuna marinated in lime and coconut. Seychelles is known for its delicious creole dishes including smoked fish salad, satini, and coconut curry.

What Bora Bora and Seychelles have in common is that they import a lot of foods. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that eating out in both Seychelles and Bora Bora is expensive. To give you an example, a burger, and a drink at a resort in Bora Bora will cost you about $40. If you opt for an appetizer and a main dish at a nice restaurant, expect to pay about $150 per person.

The same goes out for Seychelles. When compared to Mauritius and Bali, having dinner in a restaurant in Seychelles is three times more expensive. Of course, you can always keep your food expenses low and stick to street foods. In Bora Bora, you have food trucks (roulottes) where you can enjoy delicious reasonably priced meals. We recommend checking out local vendors like St James Bakery, Snack Matira, Snack Otoamana (Chez Mamie). Seychelles has its own cheap food options. You can easily enjoy a meal for $2 to $5 from takeaway vans and local vendors in Seychelles.

Seychelles vs Bora Bora: Getting Around

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One of the main differences between Seychelles and Bora Bora is in transportation. Getting around Bora Bora is different from most other vacation destinations! It’s simply because of the unique geographic layout that features a ring of little islands surrounding the main island.

Most of the big resorts in Bora Bora organize boat transportation for their guests to and from the airport. For instance, the same form of transportation is also used for reaching resort islands in the Maldives. Unfortunately, this Bora Bora does not have much in the way of a public transport system.

Transportation in Seychelles is definitely much better. Since there are only 3 main islands, getting around Seychelles is relatively easy. For example, the best way to travel from Mahe to Praslin is by hopping on a ferry. If you wish to explore Mahe, you can use public transportation or rent a car. Daily rates for a car rental in Seychelles are fairly standard, around $40-$50.

Seychelles vs Bora Bora: Prices

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As we mentioned before, both Seychelles and Bora Bora are expensive. It is also very difficult to get to these tropical islands. The thing is that flights to Bora Bora and Seychelles come with a hefty price tag, especially if you are traveling from Europe.

In Bora Bora, hotels are few and posh, ranging from $400 to $2000 per night for 2 people. Seychelles hotel prices can vary greatly, between $50 and $2,000. The only difference is that in Seychelles it is easier to find reasonably priced self-catering apartments.

Food is also more expensive in Bora Bora. You will pay about $20 for a street food meal in Bora Bora, while an average meal from takeaway vans and local vendors in Seychelles will cost you between $2 and $5.

Seychelles vs Bora Bora: Weather

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Seychelles and Bora Bora are year-round tropical destinations that attract large crowds of beachgoers. Both islands have a tropical climate with plenty of sunshine throughout the year. However, Bora Bora and Seychelles have their wet and dry seasons.

The best time to visit Seychelles is between April and May, or October and November. If you are visiting Seychelles in January and February, you might experience a few tropical storms. The temperature in Seychelles is around 30°C all year round.

The best time to visit Bora Bora is during its dry season between May and October. The low season (wet season) lasts from December to March when there are lots of mosquitos around. During the rainy season, many of the resorts in Bora Bora drop their rates. If you don’t mind the mosquito bites and occasional showers, this is a great time to visit Bora Bora on a budget. We should also mention that tropical cyclones are very rare in Bora Bora. On the other hand, experiencing tropical storms in January and February in Seychelles is not that uncommon.

Seychelles vs Bora Bora: The final Verdict

Seychelles has won more rounds than Bora Bora. In Seychelles, guests have access to more beaches, the food is cheaper, transportation is better, and there are more accommodation options to choose from. Our final verdict in the battle of Seychelles vs Bora Bora: Seychelles is a clear winner.

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