Bali Dance Studios: 7 Best Places to Learn and Train

Bali Dance Studios

Bali is all about alternative lifestyles and healthy living. Whether you’re visiting for a holiday or settling for the long term, you’ll see that movement, hedonism, and feeling good are at the heart of all the things you can do in Bali. And what better way to keep fit and have fun than dancing? 

You might find you get down and groovy a lot on the Island of the Gods, with all the vibrant nightlife Bali has to offer. But maybe you want to polish off your skills for your next beach party or blow off some mid-week steam? Bali’s best dance studios are just the place for this. 

Combining the renowned party scene with Bali’s love for fitness, it’s no surprise that there are several famous dance studios on the Island of the Gods welcoming visitors for workshops, classes, and even hire. Check out these seven dance studios in Bali for the best classes and everything you need to know before you get your next dance fix. 

Just Dance 

Just Dance Bali
Photo by Just Dance

Located in the heart of Berawa in Canggu, Just Dance is a new and unique addition to the plethora of dance studios in Bali. Just Dance is a nurturing environment for kids and adults with a traditional Javanese ‘Joglo’ style interior, set within lush tropical gardens. The variety of classes on offer is designed to elevate you and your child’s dance skills in a relaxing atmosphere. 

Kids can choose from Hip Hop, ballet, contemporary, breakdance, K-Pop, and even traditional Balinese styles. At the same time, Just Dance offers lyrical contemporary, modern jazz, contact improvisation, heels, bachata, salsa, and Zumba for adults. There are also yoga classes and dance competitions regularly hosted at the studio. 

Keep your kids busy and active with a dance program while you’re on vacation, perfect for rainy days, or immerse them in the local culture with a lesson in Bali’s dance heritage. The coveted ballet program for kids at Just Dance starts at 400,000 IDR, or $30, for one month and includes four classes. Or you can opt for the eight-class option, which is just 600,000 IDR, or $40. Full ballet uniform is mandatory for these programs and needs to be purchased separately. 

The Canggu Studio

The Canggu Studio
Photo by The Canggu Studio

Located right in the center of Bali’s up-and-coming hipster hub, The Canggu Studio is a casual fitness center with a holistic vibe and a variety of classes to offer. From yoga and pilates to CrossFit and boxing, it’s not only dance that will keep you active here.

The dance classes vary in difficulty and style, choose from jazz, Hip Hop, lyrical contemporary, classical Indian Odissi, high heels, and more. A drop-in pass to check out any of The Canggu Studio classes is just 140,000 IDR for foreigners, the equivalent of just $10. Or you can buy a variety of multi-class passes, starting from five sessions, priced at $45, up to an unlimited number, valid for 30 days, and costing just over $140.   

The Canggu Studio has a bohemian vibe and is set within a rustic brick building with tall ceilings and tons of natural light. This makes it perfect for hire whether you want to film a video, put on a shoot or host your own dance class. 

Universal Dance Studio

Universal Dance Studio
Photo by Universal Dance Studio

Universal Dance Studio is your one-stop shop for contemporary dance taught by seasoned professionals in the heart of Denpasar. Bali’s capital is a busy city hub, but this means you’ll benefit from more variety and cheaper prices, especially when it comes to the fitness studios. Classes at Universal Dance Studio start at just 50,000 IDR, which is $3.50 for drop-ins, with their best teachers and most popular dance styles averaging at only $7 a session. 

Aside from ballet, Universal offers Hip Hop, locking, dance hall, heels, and afro-fusion workshops to suit its youthful and contemporary market. You can also take choreography lessons to take your passion for dance to the next level. 

The studio has a clean and modern aesthetic with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, studio lights, and ample space. The classes are regularly filmed, so check out their website if you want to take a peek at what you could be getting in for. 

Ubud Studio

Ubud Studio
Photo by Ubud Studio

The ancient town of Ubud is known for its holy sites and popularity with yogis. Ubud is the spiritual heart of Bali and a center for traditional crafts and dance. Among the rice paddies and dense swath of jungle lies the Ubud Studio, the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Canggu. 

Enjoy the slower pace of life that Ubud provides, but do it while keeping active with any of the classes and workshops available at Ubud Studio. From Bachata, Kizomba, and Hip Hop to partner salsa classes to fill your evenings. Ubud Studio is an open-air venue with sweeping views of the rice fields and laidback energy. 

If you’re a seasoned mover, there are advanced classes to keep up with your dancing feet. But Ubud Studio also welcomes beginners and offers private 1-on-1 lessons if you want the extra attention. Each class is just $8, and you can even catch them online, via Zoom, if you can’t make it into the studio. They also offer Dance retreats and boot camps if you’re after an intensive fitness program or to level up your dance skills. 

The Key Creative Space

The Key Creative Space
Photo by The Key Creative Space

This edgy school of dance, located in the heart of Denpasar, appeals to the contemporary dancer in all of us. Renowned for its Hip Hop and afro-fusion classes, the Key Creative Space is a venue for competition-level training, the best in new street dance trends, and the chance to workshop with Bali’s best dancers.

The dance spaces are modern and fitted with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, perfect for choreography training and video content. The studios are also available to hire, and visitors can book 1-to-1 and on-class with the school’s best dance teachers. The Key Creative Studio hosts regular dance recitals and competitions, formulating dance groups from their classes. Workshops start at just 50,000 IDR, or $3.50. 

Salsa in Bali

Couple salsa dancing
Photo by Envato Elements

Salsa is fast becoming one of Bali’s most requested styles of dance. This Latin workout, associated with the music genre of the same name, is ideally suited to Bali’s balmy weather and combines the island’s love for partying with its preoccupation with movement and fitness. 

This dance style is sensual and stimulating, and Salsa in Bali is a unique studio that exclusively focuses on Latin dance forms and hosts Salsa events all over Bali for couples and strangers alike. From remote private lessons, dance studio workshops, and even restaurant-hosted events, Salsa in Bali is your one-stop destination for jumping on this dance trend and making friends while you do. 

This dance company also offers a Salsa Retreat if you’re looking for an intensive salsa course, with Bachata lessons included, hosted in their serene Ubud accommodation. The retreats range from $123 for one night to $250 for three nights, with a Mount Batur volcano trek and Ubud tour included. The group studio classes start at 150,000 IDR or $10, but you can drop into any of the pop-up restaurant evenings that take place every night across Bali for just 100,000 IDR on the door. 

Check out Laughing Buddha Bar, next door to Ubud’s Monkey Forest, for a Wednesday night salsa evening accompanied by Asian fusion delights. Or visit Lemon & Salt Restaurant, located on the rooftop of Citadines Hotel in Berawa, for sunset salsa and craft cocktails. 

Pole Studio Bali

Pole Studio Bali
Photo by Pole Studio Bali

Once an erotic nightclub dance and now an intense full-body workout. In recent years, pole fitness has emerged on the mainstream dance scene and has been recognized for the acrobatic skills and upper body strength required of this unique dance. It’s no surprise that Bali has jumped on the bandwagon and is home to several leading pole studios.

Pole Studio Bali has been open since 2013 and draws ladies from all walks of life looking to increase their overall fitness, get sensual and learn a new skill. The regular classes are open to all experience levels, priced at just 180,000 IDR for a drop-in class, around $13. 

The loft-style brick walls, neon lights, rows of poles, and floor-to-ceiling mirrors create a motivating atmosphere with the perfect aesthetic for filming your routines and tracking progress. Although newcomers are always welcome, Pole Bali celebrates women and runs off a community vibe. And if you want some privacy to learn or to host a one-off class with friends, you can organize private workshops for 300,000 IDR, or $20, per person.

What dance classes can I do in Bali?

Like most tourist destinations globally, there is no limit to the dance styles you can find taught in the studios across Bali. As a thriving hub for fitness fanatics and holistic lifestyles, Bali is home to several leading dance studios, with various styles on offer for one-off workshopping or regular dance lessons. 

From Salsa and Bachata to Hip Hop, locking and K-Pop, there’s no shortage of variety, but the styles on offer depend on the studios you visit. Many leading Latin Dance studios are located in Ubud, Bali’s spiritual center, set to the backdrop of rice paddies and lush jungle. But if you’re after contemporary dance and observe some of Bali’s best local dance groups, head to the capital of Denpasar for spacious studios and modern styles. 

How much do dance lessons cost in Bali?

Bali is notoriously cheap for food, rent, and general living costs. But when it comes to keeping fit, as a popular healthy living haven, the prices tend to be a little higher.

At the most famous dance studios in the popular areas of Canggu and Ubud, lessons average at around $7 to $10 for drop-ins and about $50 – $100 for monthly deals. But if you’re looking to save some cash, you can head to the capital of Denpasar for drop-in classes that start at just 50,000 IDR, or $3.50. 

Is pole fitness a good workout?

Pole fitness is an intense and challenging workout that engages all your muscles and helps tone your physique. Upper body strength will be the dominant area of development if you practice regular pole fitness, but your stomach muscles, abs, lower back, and legs will all be engaged by the grueling gymnastic strain.

Pole is resistance training and cardio all in one, and it’s also great for your flexibility, so the pole is complemented by weight training and yoga. But pole dancers are essentially acrobats, and climbing the pole is an impressive display of strength on its own. 

What is the traditional dance in Bali?

Although the western-influenced dance studios on this list host modern classes like salsa, Hip Hop, and ballet, Bali has its own distinctive dance practices, and Balinese dance is a crucial part of the island heritage. This ancient tradition is part of religious celebration, artistic expression, and intensely expressive. It’s defined by the elaborate costumes and makeup and the slow-paced moves performed with great refinement.

Dance in Bali often tells a story with drama, especially during Hindu celebrations. The dance represents how characters from Hindu scripture fight demons and evil spirits, and people are also put in trance-like states to perform Balinese dance for religious shows.   


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