Bali Nightlife: The 5 Best Beach Clubs in Uluwatu

best beach clubs in Bali

Whether you’re on your honeymoon or backpacking around southeast Asia, the beach clubs in Bali should not go amiss. Where better than Bali’s southern tip to head in your search for relaxation and Instagram-worthy infinity pools? 

Uluwatu’s jaw-dropping Jurassic cliffs, golden sands, and rustic feel have endless appeal. Once a wild surfer’s paradise, with breaks blessed by the Bali God’s, Uluwatu’s popularity has risen in recent years, and with that, so has its opulence. The southern peninsula is home to Bali’s “Billionaire Row,” so it’s no surprise that the beach club culture is equally luxurious. Think again if you thought Bali’s nightlife was just beach bars and underground clubs. Uluwatu’s day clubs host world-famous DJs and the most exclusive parties all year round. 

Just an hour from the busy streets of Seminyak and the trendy corners of Canggu, Uluwatu offers a holiday in a holiday for anyone visiting Bali. So make sure one of these spots makes it onto your Bali itinerary because it’s always sunny in Uluwatu.

Sundays Beach Club

Sundays Beach Club
Photo by Sundays Beach Club

Nestled at the private end of Melasti Beach and below the six-star Ungasan Clifftop Resort, Sundays Beach Club is one of the best beach clubs in Uluwatu for first-world luxury and relaxation. After a short wander through the well-manicured Ungasan gardens above, a funicular draws visitors down to Sundays’ private bay with 200m of white sands and azure waters waiting to be explored. 

Staff wait on you hand and foot at Sundays and are poised and ready at the bottom of the majestic cliff face to guide you to a private sun lounger, day bed, or table at the Ocean View Bar. Head Ched Josh Tyler carefully curated the restaurant menu with something for every time of day, from healthy breakfast classics to gourmet club burgers and fancy reinvented fish tacos. 

For the proper VIP treatment, you can also hire one of Sundays’ Private Beach Bungalows for the day. These cabanas host up to eight guests, with a glass of Chandon, daybed, private butler, and undisturbed sea views all included. There’s even Sundays Beach Spa if you fancy extending your day of leisure, and complimentary kayaks, paddle-boards, and snorkeling gear if you’re after adventure.  

The sea of signature Bali beanbags and blissful beach bonfires is met with live music and dynamic DJs to complement the sunset skies every weekend. Sundays Beach Club is a perfect piece of paradise at Bali’s southern tip. So take it easy, because every day is Sunday here.  

Roosterfish Beach Club

Roosterfish Beach Club
Photo by Roosterfish Beach Club

Located at Pandawa Beach and a short complimentary shuttle ride from the Uluwatu’s Renaissance Hotel, Roosterfish is a lively and welcoming day out for everyone. Pandawa is renowned for its white sands and hidden location behind the lush hills of Kutuh Village in Uluwatu. 

Roosterfish’s large beachside pool is set within lush green grass grounds and flanked by sun loungers, cabanas, and private day beds. The restaurant and bar regularly host live music and entertainment, and a creative list of cocktails perfectly complements the fine-dining menu. 

One of the biggest appeals is the bottomless brunch, which pairs Roosterfish’s original takes on classic breakfast dishes with Bali’s best Bloody Mary’s. Sit within the locally grown bamboo structure restaurant with its traditional thatched roof exterior, and revel in the rustic smells of woodfired pizzas and the local seafood grill as the day goes by.  

There’s a beach volleyball set up, a swim-up pool bar, and direct access to the pristine sands of Pandawa and its shallow turquoise waters. There’s no shortage of Bali beanbags to relax and watch the sunset with a cool beer or cocktails by the jug. The beach swings among the decorative palms that adorn the sea vistas are nothing short of Instagram-worthy.  

Savaya Bali

Savaya Bali
Photo by Savaya Bali

Set beneath a vast jungle paradise and perched on a limestone cliff, Savaya sits 100 m above the Indian Ocean in a league of its own. The twin infinity pools and levitating bar that hang over the sea define Savaya’s aesthetic, with its sparkling cube taking center stage. While there’s no beach access, the setting of Savaya leaves little to complain about, and it draws visitors every weekend in with its famous architecture and unbeaten views. 

Savaya, formerly known as Omnia and part of the world-renowned collection of nightclubs in Las Vegas and San Diego, is an all-day party spot. Savaya is not only one of the best beach clubs in Uluwatu, but arguably the most famous club in Bali, and by night, this lavish day bed-adorned haven comes alive. The club hosts Bali’s best DJs and wild themes like the Carnival of Lost Souls or Disco Africa that dominate every event.

It’s not uncommon for Savaya to host extravagant fancy dress contests too, with insane cash prizes and ridiculous turnouts. But Savaya is unrivaled in exclusivity, and high entrance fees always follow suit. Even in the rainy season, this club thrives. Like the waves below, Savaya is blessed by the Bali Gods, and its creators uphold that the weather is always good at the venue. 

If you’re lucky enough to make it onto the guest list, get there in time for sunset for the best views of the Indian Ocean that Bali has to offer. 

Ulu Cliffhouse

Ulu Cliffhouse
Photo by Ulu Cliffhouse

If you really want to experience the raw beauty and breathtaking power of Ulutwatu’s cliffs, Ulu Cliffhouse is the place to do it. With each of its events fueled by the energy of the crashing waves below and unspoiled ocean vistas, Ulu Cliffhouse is rustic and laidback yet still exudes luxury.

Housed in traditional timber and rattan pavilions, the tiered restaurant offers sweeping ocean views, dappled shade, and world-class cuisine. Peruvian Diega Munoz is the Head of Chef, and the menu is carefully shaped to encompass both Uluwatu’s bohemian vibe and exclusive clientele. 

The centerpiece of the beach club is the infinity pool that’s adorned by sun loungers, pastel furniture, hidden hammocks, and geometric motifs. And the main feature? Ulu Cliffhouses’s ocean deck, tucked away below the cliff and reachable only by the staircase that draws visitors down the cliff face. 

The ocean deck is where the night takes off. Eclectic DJs will create the soundtrack for your tiki-style cocktails, crafted by experienced mixologists and accompanied by views of the private beach cove that’s only visible when the turquoise tides are low. 

MÏnoo Beach Club

MÏnoo Beach Club
Photo by MÏnoo Beach Club

Meaning “Paradise” in Persian, MÏnoo is chic and laidback and the perfect place for Bali’s creatives and wanderlusters to unwind. Highlighting breathtaking vistas of the Indian Ocean, MÏnoo sits on the iconic Ungasan shoreline facing the best sunset angle at Bali’s southernmost point. 

MÏnoo’s architectural concept commands attention to the 12-meter infinity pool below the model ‘Jukung’ boat built into the club’s bamboo structures. An eye-pleaser and Instagram spot for all guests, visitors can laze by the pool, in the cabanas, or within the majestic ‘Jukung’ boat all day long. 

Enjoy world-class cocktails and fresh coconuts branded with MÏnoo’s logo from wherever you decide to soak up the chill adult playground vibes. The exclusive ambiance and mid-century design make MÏnoo one of the best beach clubs in Uluwatu for early first dates and after-parties with friends. 

Melasti Beach, where Minoo resides, is a drive down from Uluwatu’s dramatic limestone cliffs, but the clear shallow waters and visible coral reefs make it one of the best beaches in the region. For your bucket list moment, be sure to walk to the end of the pier when visiting MÏnoo to touch the southernmost tip in all of Bali. Finish the day watching the sunset over the sea, sipping on sundowners, and eating delicious tapas to the sounds of MÏnoo’s smooth DJ tunes.

Is Uluwatu good for nightlife?

Bali has a vibrant nightlife that pulls tourists and travelers in year after year. World-class DJs and energetic party-goers flock to the island searching for world-renowned nights out in luxurious settings. Uluwatu is the jewel on the crown of Bali’s party scene, and its beach clubs rival that of Ibiza and Mykonos with their picturesque settings and notoriously exclusive reputations. Uluwatu was once a surfer’s paradise set within a fisherman’s village that was widely under the radar for tourism. But the unspoiled views of the Indian Ocean and magical energy of the blessed waves have risen in popularity in recent years. 

Uluwatu is now home to Bali’s “Billionaire Row,” a strip of coast with cliff-edge mansion villas that house the island’s most exclusive clientele. The best nightlife in Uluwatu can be found dotted along the cliffs in the resorts and beach clubs that line the limestone coasts. Uluwatu has a more sophisticated nightlife than touristy areas like Seminyak and Kuta, and it has quickly developed as one of the best places to party in Bali.  

What is the best beach club in Uluwatu?

Fine dining, linen-laden sun loungers, and expertly-crafted cocktails. A day of indulgence by the sea is always deserved, and Uluwatu’s beach club scene won’t disappoint. The southern peninsula of Bali is host to an array of world-class beach clubs to cater to all demands.

Head to Sundays Beach Club if it’s true hedonistic pleasures and private VIP treatment you’re after. This spot is tucked away below a five-star resort, and the staff will wait on you hand and foot from your boozy breakfast right up until sunset. Whereas, for family-friendly fun, Roosterfish is the best beach club in Uluwatu. Beach volleyball set-ups, swim-up bars, and Instagram swings make this spot on Pandawa beach a fun day out for everyone. Finally, Uluwatu’s hidden appeal is the vibrant party scene of its beach clubs. Savaya is the most famous Saturday night spot in Bali, and world-famous DJs grace the levitating levels of this club every weekend. 

What time do clubs close in Bali?

Most bars and clubs in Bali, especially the beach clubs, close around midnight. Restrictions around public drinking and consuming alcohol past these times limit the number of venues that can operate beyond 1 am. Yet, it’s not hard to find the few underground clubs and speakeasy bars that run until the early hours on Fridays and Saturdays, some as late as 5 am for the real night owls.  

Where is the best place to go in Bali for nightlife?

The most famous areas for partying in Bali are Seminyak and Kuta, with their longstanding reputations as the epicenters of Bali’s nightlife. Famous clubs like ShiShi, Warehouse, and La Favela promise world-renowned DJs and raging dance floors until the early hours. However, in recent years, the hippie town of Canggu has started to thrive as a nightlife hotspot, with haunts like The Vault and Morabito Art Villa opening their doors. 

To match Canggu’s underground and elusive vibe comes a spike in speakeasy-style venues like Shady Pig and Behind The Green Door that welcome visitors with exclusive guest lists and secret code words needed to pass. Another newer contender to Bali’s party scene is Uluwatu, which is home to the island’s most famous beach club, Savaya, hosting iconic views of the Indian Ocean and the most coveted events. 


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