The 7 Best Martial Arts Gyms in Bali: Top Boxing & MMA Gyms

best martial arts gym in Bali

Bali’s palm tree-fringed shores and sun-drenched beaches are home to some incredible martial arts gyms. The depth of training available in classes and 1-1 sessions is of an extremely high standard that is sure to impress any visitor. So whether you’re a pro-MMA fighter or a beginner wanting to have a taste of training, make sure you hit up a Bali martial arts gym while you’re on the island to get a new thrill.

Besides surfing, yoga, and happy-hour pool parties, Bali is also an epic place to focus on MMA and BJJ training. (Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.) Bali is a popular destination for training vacations. You can focus on training from dusk till dawn, recover in spas, and refuel with fresh coconuts and good food.

The gyms and trainers found in Bali are world-class, and you’re guaranteed hot and humid weather. Many people find their favorite martial arts gym in Bali and stick loyally with it throughout their stay. However, there’s nothing stopping you from mixing it up and trying the different styles and trainers across the island gyms.

Which Bali martial arts gym will be your favorite?

Bali MMA

Bali MMA boxing ring
Photo by Bali MMA

Bali MMA is a premium mixed martial arts gym and academy on the outskirts of Canggu. This gym has been leading the MMA scene on the island since 2014, drawing in international athletes to train in paradise. Co-founders and brothers, Anthony Leone and Andrew Leone, are both top-ranked professional fighters and set the bar for the standard of coaching in Bali MMA.

The instructors have a mixed background covering most fields including boxing, MMA, BJJ, wrestling, and striking specialists. This experienced and quality team offer friendly smiles and a welcoming atmosphere for beginners to start their journey.

This Bali martial arts gym offers a variety of classes for you to get stuck into. From kids sessions to traditional Muay Thai, yoga to strength and conditioning, Bali MMA takes training seriously.

Group class prices start from 150k IDR ($10 USD) and you can buy unlimited passes from 1 week up to 12 months. You can book private lessons for one to one training with one of the instructors. Muay Thai and boxing sessions start at 500k IDR ($35 USD) and BJJ sessions are 1 million IDR ($70 USD).


Zealot Muay Thai
Photo by Zealot Muay Thai

Zealot is a gym in Bali that specializes in traditional Muay Thai training. The founder and head coach, Jeremias Abraham, brought the martial arts gym over from Jakarta in 2011. Since then, Zealot has flourished and grown with Canggu, situated on the Pantai Berawa road just up from Finns beach club.

Abraham is certified as an instructor at Sinbi Muay Thai Camp, so you get authentic training and tuition. The gym boasts multiple group sessions 6-day a week. You can also book for private one to one slots to get even more out of your time training.

Zealot is open to all levels of fitness and fight experience. So whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn the basics or a pro preparing for a fight, this could be the gym for you!

Hoyers Indonesia

Hoyers Indonesia
Photo by Hoyers Indonesia

Hoyers Indonesia is run by Ilham Wahyudi, an ex semi-professional fighter from the Netherlands. He has over 10 years of experience in boxing, Muay Thai, and kickboxing.

Whayudi cares and is dedicated to his coaching. He runs sessions on a one-to-one basis, giving you his complete attention – both a blessing and a curse! Expect to spend plenty of time focusing on basic techniques as you’re drilled to perfect your style. You can also add cardio and strength training to your sessions.

Sessions with Whayudi are operated out of a gym space called ‘The Daily Gym’ in Seminyak, just round the corner from ShiShi Nightclub. You can do an initial trial session for 400k IDR ($28 USD) or book a block of 12 sessions for 3.5 million IDR ($246 USD).

Hoyers Indonesia is small and independent. Prices are competitive and the standard of training is next to none. If you want to train hard and be pushed to your limits, then Wahyudi is the man to go see!

Day passes to the gym cost 120k IDR ($8.50 USD). You can also buy weekly, monthly, and 3-monthly passes to receive better value for money.

Dee Muay Thai

Dee Muay Thai
Photo by Dee Muay Thai

Dee Muay Thai is a traditional Muay Thai training center in Bali located on the outskirts of Seminyak in Petitenget. This is a great option if you’re staying just outside the main tourist hub and want a more low key gym.

The team are friendly and knowledgeable, giving you the most out of your Muay Thai experience. Regardless of your experience level, the instructors will tailor their teaching style to teach you the moves and technique.

Book either group sessions or private solo time. Unlimited training day passes cost 1.4 million IDR ($99 USD).

You can also level up your vacation and book to stay in the Dee Muay Thai accommodation to fully immerse yourself into the training world. If you want to wake up and get going straight away, then this is where you should be looking at!

Bali Training Centre

Bali Training Centre
Photo by Bali Training Centre

Bali Training Centre is down on the south end of Bali, just 400 meters away from the legendary Bingin Beach. This Uluwatu based training gym is setting new high standards on the level of coaching, delivered in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Co-founder and head trainer Jake came to Bali after living and fighting professionally in Thailand. He fell in love with Bingin and wanted to capture and share this environment with others. Bali Training Centre is the place to be if you want to combine your training with surfing in Bali.

Join one of the many group classes led by a team of professionals. There are daily sessions for Muay Thai, kettlebell, and HIIT fitness training. Or you can opt for private sessions for an intense boxing spar or Muay Thai drilling. A daily drop in pass currently costs 100k IDR ($7 USD) and an unlimited monthly pass is 1 million IDR ($70USD).

Rituals Jiu Jitsu

Rituals Jiu Jitsu
Photo by Rituals Jiu Jitsu

Rituals Jiu Jitsu offers an intensive yet straightforward approach to learning jiu-jitsu in a way that will help you have a more dynamic and systematic approach on the mats. You’ll be taught the cool fancy moves in a break down, so you can master the technique and foundations of BJJ.

Justin Sidelle, the founder of Rituals Jiu Jitsu, is an American professional UFC fighter who started his Jiu Jitsu path in 2005. The classes at Rituals JJ are based upon his personal system of drills and techniques that have been developed over the last 15 years of training and teaching. These sessions offer an intensive yet straightforward approach to learning jiu-jitsu.

Drop in sessions cost 250k IDR ($17 USD). You can buy a bundle of 10 classes for 1.8 million IDR ($127 USD). Or you can go all out and buy a 1 month unlimited pass that gives you full access to both Nirvana Open Gym (located below the BJJ studio) and Rituals Jiu JItsu for 3.8 million IDR ($268 USD).

Soma Fight Club

Soma Fight Club
Photo by Soma Fight Club

And last but not least, we have Soma Fight Club. This is one of the newest martial arts gym centers to open its doors in Bali. Located in Canggu and was created by the ex-head striking coach of Bali MMA, Mike Ikelei. Soma is also in partnership with professional One Championship fighter, Gianni Subba. So essentially, there is plenty of talent flowing through the foundations of the gym!

The type of people that visit are a real mix. Many tourists and expats come check out this gym, however, Soma Fight Club has already honed a strong fight team of primarily Indonesian fighters. The gyms motto is “train, fight, recover, repeat.”

You can book for private one to one sessions with both Mike and Gianni. Both have so much skill and experience to share, and both teaching styles are unique to each other. You can also join the regular social training sessions which are held out of the gym in some breathtaking locations, like Echo Beach, Uluwatu, and even Mount Batur!

Prices are competitive and in a similar range as the other Bali best martial arts gym locations. However, at Soma you can grab a quarterly and yearly membership, ideal for those who truly want to dedicate and commit. A yearly membership pass will set you back 10 million IDR ($705 USD).

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