The 7 Most Trusted & Reliable Bike Rental Places In Bali

Bali bike rental places

Bali is known and loved as a place for freedom, and what’s more liberating than riding around the island on two wheels. Scooters and bikes are the must-have modes of transport in South East Asia. You can navigate the traffic and access secret places all across Bali when exploring on a bike. So, let’s talk about bike rental in Bali.

Whether you want a bike for just a day or throughout your entire stay, renting bikes around Bali could not be easier. And the range of choice is staggering! Go for a simple Honda Vario or Scoopy for easy driving, or opt for something a little more special for the ‘wow factor’.

Motorbike rental in Bali ranges in price, from as little as 50,000 IDR ($3.50 USD) per day up to 300,000 IDR ($21 USD). Newer and bigger bikes will have a higher daily rate. Scooters and customs with surfboard racks will also be more expensive to rent because they are the most sought-after on this surfer’s paradise island.

Scooters and motorbikes are available to rent across the entire island, with most located in popular areas like Seminyak, Canggu, Kuta, and Ubud. Local rental stores are dotted across Bali, most of which provide a decent standard of bikes in relatively good condition. But if you are looking for somewhere with reliable rentals available, look no further; we’ve done the research and found the seven best places for bike rental in Bali.

Leo Custom Bike

Leo Custom Bikes
Photo by Leo Custom Bikes

If your dream image of exploring Bali involves a loud and flashy custom motorbike, then Leo Custom Bike rental is the place for you to go. Located in Berawa, just over the shortcut from Canggu’s center, this rental store offers the iconic style motorbike Bali is famous for. For just 250k IDR per day, this dream can be yours. Choose between a whole array of custom motorbikes and dirtbikes to match your style.

These bikes are ideal for taking onto the beach to capture that perfect Instagram shot. Most people head up to Pigstone Beach, roughly a 15-minute drive North of Canggu, to have direct access onto the black sand. Just be sure to check tide times and be mindful of waves breaking on the shoreline.

Helmets are included in every rental so you can stay safe and look cool while riding the custom motorbike in Bali. If you have any issues with the bikes, the friendly local team is available on-demand with mechanics and replacement motorbikes if required.

Bali Bike Rental

Woman on a scooter in Bali
Photo by Envato Elements

Bali Bike Rental is a trusted place for scooter rental on the island. Quality and reliability are the two main priorities for this company. When you rent a scooter from here, you will be getting so much more than just a bike:

  • Online booking service
  • Delivery (and pick up) to your accommodation
  • 24/7 hotline for roadside assistance (with English speaking staff)
  • Insurance coverage
  • Accessories like phone holders and helmets

Bali Bike Rental is located in the center of the island in Kerobokan. However, one of the best things this company offers is a delivery service across the island. Simply tell them where you’re staying, be it a hotel or villa, and the friendly team will deliver the bike directly to you. For returning, you can leave the bike at your hotel for the pick-up – great if you have an early morning flight.

Gorilla Bike Rental

Man on scooter in rice field
Photo by Gorilla Bike Rental

Gorilla Bike Rental is one of the cheapest bike rental places on the island. They provide scooters and motorbikes in a good condition at a low price so you can make the most out of your vacation in Bali. And what’s more, Gorilla Bike Rental delivers directly to your hotel so you can hit the road rolling straight away.

Choose between an assortment of vehicles, both with or without surf racks. The cheapest option is a Honda Vario 125 cc at 50k per day. Two bike helmets are included with every rental, so you and your passenger stay safe throughout your vacation.

Gorilla Bike Rental offers free delivery and pickup in Canggu, Umalas, Kerobokan, and Seminyak areas. You can pay an extra 200k add-on to have them meet you directly at Denpasar Airport if wanted to organize your rental prior to arrival.

Bali Big Bike

Riding scooter on beach
Photo by Envato Elements

Bali Big Bike is a sister company of Bali Bike Rental. They offer rentals on the Honda CRF 150L dirtbike, the Yamaha N-Max 155 cc, and other larger scooter types. Included in the rental is:

  • Free delivery to you
  • 24/7 road assistance
  • Secure payment online
  • 2 sanitized helmets
  • Insurance
  • Mobile phone holder
  • Waterproof poncho

The offices are located in Kerobokan (Seminyak) and also Nusa Dua, so this is a good choice if you’re planning to stay on the East coast of Bali.

Renting a more powerful scooter is recommended if you want to explore more of the island. With these bigger bikes, you can easily and comfortably drive to the North of the island, through the Kintamani region, and beyond to Munduk. A standard smaller scooter is fairly restrictive mainly due to your comfort while riding.

Aska Custom

Male tourist on bike in Bali
Photo by Envato Elements

Aska Custom is based out of Bali’s center, Denpasar. They offer a whole array of custom bikes in varying sizes so you are sure to find the perfect motorbike rental in Bali for you. You can expect bikes such as Scramblers, Bobbers, Caferacers, Honda, and Yamaha available for rent.

Each rental comes with helmets, that meet Western safety standards, and a surf rack attachment if desired. Prices from Aska Custom are reflective of the quality of their motorbikes:

  • Daily – From 250K IDR ($17 USD)
  • 3 days – From 600K IDR ($42 USD)
  • 1 week – From 1.5 Million IDR ($105 USD)
  • 1 month – From 2.5 Million IDR ($175 USD)

Aska deliver directly to your villa in the Kuta, Canggu, or Seminyak area for an additional 150K IDR ($10 USD). What’s more? They also offer guided motorbike experiences through rural Bali and beaches. So if you wanted a helping hand to experience motorbike life in Bali, these are the guys to hit up!

Ubud Scooter Rental

Two bikes in Ubud
Photo by Ubud Scooter Rental

Ubud is still a popular tourist destination, however, prices are slightly lower in this inland town. Ubud Scooter Rental is a good place to rent a bike from at a super cheap price. Starting from as little as 30K IDR ($2 USD) per day, this rental is not going to blow your vacation budget!

Don’t expect anything special though. This is your standard scooter rental place in Bali, offering Honda’s and Yamaha’s in a suitable condition. Always be sure to check the tires and brakes before leaving the rental place.

Sorbet Scooters

Sorbet scooters
Photo by Sorbet Scooters

And finally, something to add a little color to your Instagram grid! Sorbet Scooters is a locally-owned business based out of Canggu. They offer the cutest pastel pink and baby blue scooters on the island, perfect for photos and sharing a snap of your amazing Bali vacation.

These rental prices aren’t the cheapest; the daily rate is 250,000 IDR ($17 USD), or 1 million IDR ($69 USD) for a week, for a Honda Scoopy-type bike. After all, you’re paying for the cute aesthetics.

Sorbet Scooters also offer guided tours around the island with a driver for those who want the photos but don’t want to drive themselves. The friendly guides will take you to all the best photogenic spots tucked away and help take your photos for you.

Where can I learn to ride a scooter in Bali?

Canggu Scooter Lessons is one of the best places in Bali to learn how to ride a scooter. The local instructors are professional and patient, offering a 5-star service. They will teach you how to operate a scooter or motorbike along with Balinese road rules – valuable lessons to stay safe while driving on the Bali roads.

A single lesson costs 150K IDR per hour ($10 USD). This includes theory, practical, pick up and drop off, a well-maintained scooter, and helmets. Canggu Scooter Lessons can also help expats on KITAS visas obtain an Indonesian Type C Driving Licence.

How much does it cost to buy a scooter in Bali?

If you are planning to stay in Bali for a long time, it may be worth considering buying a scooter. Second-hand prices vary depending on the quality and age of the bike. Assuming you are looking at something of a decent standard, some can be as cheap as 6 million IDR ($400 USD).

Buying brand new is desirable for anyone who wants to look flashy and have the latest models. Go direct to Honda or Yamaha to discuss cash-buying discounts. New Honda Scoopy models begin at around 18 million IDR ($1,250 USD). Of course, the bigger scooters, like Yamaha N-Max, are more expensive to buy.

How much does it cost to rent a scooter in Bali?

Scooter rental in Bali is considered relatively cheap. Most places rent out standard model bikes for 50K IDR per day ($3.50 USD). If you rent the bike for longer, then you can often negotiate a cheaper rate. If you want to have a bigger bike or a newer model, then you should expect to pay more. Custom motorbikes are on average 250K IDR per day ($17 USD).

Is it legal to drive a motorbike in Bali?

In order to drive a motorbike or scooter in Bali, you must have an international driver’s license. Scooter rental places don’t often check that you have this document, so it is down to you as the individual to make sure you are legal. KITAS visa holders can obtain an Indonesian driving license, for either a car or a bike, which will help speed up any stops with the police.


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