The 7 Best Places in Jakarta to Enjoy the Sunset

best sunset spots in Jakarta

Bali’s tropical beaches might top Indonesia’s sunset scene, but the golden hour in Jakarta is far from dull. In fact, sunset in the capital marks the end of a busy day of city life and the dawn of a brand new one.  

Jakarta has a large Muslim population and an Islamic day actually starts at sunset. The Maghrib prayer, which you’ll hear all over the city from the prestigious Menteng district to the metropolitan Karawang area between 6 and 7 pm, is technically the first prayer of the day. So it’s no surprise that sunset is important to Jakartans, but it’s not all about serving God.

Jakartans love to let loose, and the modern cityscape has no shortage of stylish rooftop bars and urban beach dwellings to welcome in the new day and for tourists to enjoy a drink, too. This guide looks at seven of the best places in the city to catch the sun disappearing behind the sprawling skyline. So let’s get into it. 

Henshin at The Westin, Setiabudi

Cocktails on rooftop bar
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Perched on the top three floors of the exclusive five-star Westin Hotel, Henshin is the country’s highest rooftop bar and lounge. The unique Peruvian-Japanese fusion menu, known as Nikkei cuisine, has earned it a place on Jakarta’s coveted dining scene. 

Illuminated by soft pink and orange lighting, the decor here complements the colors of the changing sunset sky. The interior is also complete with intricate Japanese art reflected, ceiling to wall, on the primarily glass surfaces. 

The menu is prepared by Chef Hajime Kasuga, a third-generation descendent of Japanese in Peru, and his culinary career has spanned over 25 years. Enjoy the eclectic paired cocktails with each fusion dish and take in the spectacular views of the glittery city below. At Henshin, you’ll end your day on a high and with true luxury. 

BART at Artotel, Menteng

Sunset bar
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It doesn’t get much more stylish than BART, the contemporary rooftop bar in the thriving Menteng district. Located on the seventh floor of the luxury Artotel, enjoy the lively atmosphere with sweeping city views, outstanding hospitality, and a creative cocktail menu.

Sunset is the perfect time to enjoy Happy Hour at this welcoming and artsy rooftop haven. Far removed from the high-rises and traffic of the city, you can lose yourself to the sounds of live jazz and an escapist crowd at this edgy sundowner spot.

SKYE at the BCA Tower, Thamrin

City views on roof bar
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Bang in the heart of Jakarta, located on the 56th-floor rooftop of the BCA Tower, SKYE is a “Lifestyle Resort in the Sky”  and a unique getaway from hectic city life for Jakartan. 

The interior is influenced by South-American design with a warm and vibrant atmosphere, and the spacious indoor and outdoor areas all offer unmatched panoramic views of the city. Cool off in the elegant infinity pool and take in the changing sky. 

Indulge in any of the mouth-watering signature dishes, from the Brazilian pork chops to the Korean chicken wings in the all-day dining area. Then head to the open-air pool area, a bistro by day and lounge by night, so sip on the house mojitos and party the night away. 

Segarra, Ancol Bay

Beach sunset
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It’s not all about rooftop restaurants perched on towering skyscrapers. Let’s not forget that one of the best places to watch the sunset is by the ocean. Located in Ancol Bay, Segarra is a romantic and peaceful beachside lounge away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  

Ancol Bay is a prominent tourist spot in Jakarta, offering locals an escape from busy daily life in the populated capital. The coastal lowland is lined with classy hotels and even home to its own theme park. 

Segarra is roughly 15 kilometers from Jakarta city center but is easily reachable by train. Fringed with palm trees and adorned with inviting sofas, Segarra’s stretch of sand on Pantai Karnaval is a luxurious place to watch the sun disappear behind the sea. Enjoy a light seafood dinner as you dig your toes into the sand and are transported to the beaches of Bali.  

Indigo Lounge at DoubleTree by Hilton, Diponegoro

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Indigo Lounge is the sultry evening alternative to the Indigo Day Club in the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel and is a number one sunset destination in the city. Dynamic DJs, cool decor, and exotic foliage adorn the spacious outdoor area. Nestle by the pool and enjoy the golden hour, cocktail in hand among the coolest local crowd.

The pool club is a great place to soak up the sun and escape the sweaty city in the day. But by night, Indigo comes alive with funky music, sporadic dance floors, and the “lite bites” are the perfect accompaniment to the contemporary craft drinks menu. 

La Vue at the Hermitage, Menteng

Rooftop lounge
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In the prestigious Menteng district in Central Jakarta, The Hermitage is a Tribute Portfolio five-star hotel and home to one of the classiest rooftop bars in the city. La Vue is cozy and exclusive, and you can catch panoramic views of the orange and pink sky from the artsy couches every evening.

La Vue borrows its decor from the colonial-style building of The Hermitage, a popular wedding location and restored heritage building with majestic architecture. You can find savory light bites and craft cocktails on La Vue’s elegant menu, and the warm atmosphere offers a welcomed solace from the bustling business area. 

Cloud Lounge at Plaza Office Tower, Menteng

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From 5 pm to midnight every evening, the Cloud Lounge comes alive with its sultry red decor and warm lighting, offering one of the best open-air sunset views in the heart of the city.

The 49th floor of the Plaza Office Tower makes the perfect destination for watching the sun disappear over the Jakartan skyline to the gentle hush of voices from a sophisticated young crowd. Known for its great music, hospitable staff, and good drinks, you’ll float on a cloud at this rooftop bar, enjoying the 360 views from a cozy booth with friends or a balcony edge stool for the best birds-eye views of the city below. 

What time is sunset in Jakarta?

Sunrise and sunset are usually at different times all over the world because the Earth’s elliptical orbit and the tilt of the axis mean the sun takes different paths across the sky at different speeds every day. However, the time for sunrise and sunset doesn’t differ much over the year in Indonesia because of its unique proximity to the equator.

The sun moves just slightly north in summer and south in winter, but without much change in distance. This is why more northern countries have extreme discrepancies in their daylight hours with greater distances from the equator and the sun. Jakarta gets an average of 12 and a half hours of sunlight a day, which doesn’t exceed 13 hours all year. The sun rises at 5.50 am most mornings and sets around 6.20 pm, no matter what season. 

Where does the sunrise in Indonesia?

The sun rises in the east in Indonesia and everywhere else in the world. The same goes for the moon, planets, and stars, no matter where you are. This is because the earth rotates towards the east, so the sun always makes its way westward across the sky. The easternmost city in Indonesia is Jayapura in Papua. 

When is prayer time in Indonesia?

Islamic prayer times differ all over Indonesia due to the different time zones in the country. The earliest usually occurs at 4 to 5 am when the sun rises, followed by a midday prayer at noon, one at 3 pm, and another at 6 pm when the sun starts to set. This also differs by island. Jakarta is in Java, a Muslim island, just like Lombok. However, Bali is a Hindu island, and while there is a Muslim population, you won’t hear calls to prayer as you do in Jakarta. 

Is alcohol legal in Jakarta?

There are no alcohol bans in Indonesia, with the exception of Aceh, despite the primarily Muslim population. Small shops and minimarkets have been prohibited from selling liquor since 2015. However, it is still broadly accessible in supermarkets, restaurants, bars, and hotels, and this law does not apply to the Hindu island of Bali.

The laws of Islam prohibit alcohol, and Muslim Indonesians frown upon alcohol consumption. But the country is diverse in culture and religion, so there are no enforced alcohol laws that apply to the entire population. Still, the legal drinking age in Indonesia is 21, and you cannot consume it before this age.  


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