dangerous animals in Lebanon

Top 9 Dangerous Animals in Lebanon: Watch Out For The Hyena!

Lebanon is a crossroad nation between the Middle East and the West. This small country had the Meditteranean Sea on one side, with Syria and Israel on the other. The landscape is incredibly diverse, creating a fascinating ecosystem of varied habitats for various species, including the most dangerous animals in Lebanon. From the coastal plains in the west to the snow...

venomous snakes in lebanon

The 5 Most Venomous Snakes In Lebanon To Know About

There are 25 different snake species in Lebanon. Of these, only 5 are venomous. Our guide to the venomous snakes in Lebanon scours the whole of the nation, from the rising mountains and their seas of cedar forests to the rolling coastal plains and their fragrant citrus orchards. The aim? To seek out the legless reptiles that we think are the ones you really should...