is Dubai worth visiting?

Is Dubai Worth Visiting? Here Are 7 Reasons To Visit

Is Dubai worth visiting? Well that all depends if you’re impressed by UFO-like cities that rise from the heart of the Arabian Desert, if you like world-class shopping malls, soaring skyscrapers, some of the most cutting-edge haute cuisine in the world, and beaches that are virtually always bathed in sunshine. We’re guessing that at least a part of the...

spiders in Dubai

Spiders in Dubai: 7 Unique Species to Look Out For

Creepy crawlies probably aren’t the first things that come to mind when conjuring images of Dubai. More commonly associated with luxury holidays, vibrant nightlife, and impressive architecture, Dubai is known as the home of the tallest building in the world and not the deadliest animals.  Still, among the incredible wildlife in the UAE, there are some scary...