is Austria expensive?

Is Austria Expensive? Our Money-saving Guide! 

Is Austria expensive? If you’re thinking of planning a vacation to this wonderful country, then this has got to be a question on your mind! Austria is right in the heart of Europe. Its cities are oozing culture and sophistication, whereas its countryside is chock-full of breathtaking scenery.  It’s no secret that Europe isn’t the cheapest place to visit. And...

dangerous animals in Austria

The 7 Most Frightening & Dangerous Animals in Austria

With picturesque, charming villages nestled amongst a backdrop of rolling hills and snow-capped mountains, Austria is truly a sight to behold. However, with so much beauty and lush landscape on offer, it’s no wonder a few members of the animal kingdom are also drawn to these parts. While Austria has its fair share of sweet furry creatures (like the adorable Alpine...

spiders in austria

Spiders in Austria: 7 Species You Need To Know About

Austria is a truly beautiful country, known for its stunning natural landscapes. This central European nation is one of the most wooded countries in all of Europe, and its alpine habitats are home to a vast range of animals: from wolves and bears, to groundhogs and snakes. When it comes to creepy crawlies, there are a good number of spiders in Austria – around...