Valletta Or Gozo

Valletta Or Gozo? Island Or City For Your Malta Break?

Valletta Or Gozo? This is a choice between the big city that sits on the main island of Malta and the smaller fragment of land that resides off its north-western haunch. They are quite different places: One a bustling capital topped by grand history sites that date back to the Middle Ages, the other a rugged land of wave-lashed bays and rustic farming hamlets. But...

Valletta Or Sliema?

Valletta Or Sliema? Where’s Best To Stay In Malta?

So, you’ve decided you’d like to hit the built-up east coast of Malta. But will it be Valletta or Sliema? These are the two main places where visitors will go in this corner of the island nation and, truth be told, they are basically a part of the same urban conglomeration, which runs from the wide waters of The Grand Harbour to the promenades of St...

most dangerous animals in Malta

The 9 Most Terrifying & Dangerous Animals In Malta

So you’re thinking about going to Malta. Countless days of sunshine and glorious landscapes are sure to capture any traveler’s heart. But what about the wildlife? What dangerous animals in Malta do you need to know about before jumping on a plane? Believe it or not, this tiny island has a whole array of creepy crawlies and creatures that are best avoided...