why is sweden so expensive?

Why is Sweden So Expensive? Find All The Reasons Here

Sweden, with its thousands of remote islands, inland lakes, Arctic forests, and fashionable coastal cities, is a lusted vacation destination that lives rent-free on every traveler’s bucket list. However, that’s about the only thing going cheap in Sweden. The Nordic countries seem to have perfected their way of living with healthy work-life balances and...

snakes in sweden

Are There Snakes in Sweden? Species to Look Out For

The birthplace of IKEA and ABBA, Sweden has gained quite the reputation as a travel destination, with its lush landscapes, revitalizing saunas, trendy capital, and boisterous festivals. It’s also an excellent place to see the Northern Lights and the midnight sun, and don’t get us started on the annual Midsummer celebrations. Even so, you might be surprised to find...

spiders in sweden

Spiders in Sweden: 7 Species You Can Find in Sweden

Sweden is the country that gave the world Abba, IKEA, Swedish meatballs and so much more. A nature lover’s paradise, this Scandinavian country hosts thickly wooded forests, vast lakes, and snow-capped mountains. It’s home to a great variety of wildlife, from reindeer and brown bears to arctic foxes and…spiders? That’s right, there are over 700 species of...