Snakes In Ukraine

7 Snakes In Ukraine That Every Traveler Should Know About

Between the gold-topped cathedral domes of Kyiv and the haunting remains of Chernobyl power plant, there’s a vast nation of over 600,000 square kilometers to explore. It rolls from the steppes of the east to the Carpathian peaks of the west, and hosts all manner of amazing animals, from bears to wolves. And there are snakes in Ukraine to boot… Yep, the country...

dangerous animals in ukraine

Top 9 Dangerous Animals In Ukraine And Something Worse

Ukraine is a rugged country with beautiful cities nestled in and amongst mountain ranges and thick forests. The flora and fauna may not be exotic like the far reaches of the Amazon, or as striking as the Savannah, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less ferocious in Europe. So, what are the most dangerous animals in Ukraine? From large predators stalking in...