Nightlife in Croatia: The 11 Best Beach Clubs in Hvar

best beach clubs in hvar

There are more beach clubs in Hvar than you can shake a bottle of crisp Croatian white wine at. In fact, the island is now basically the de facto nightlife hub of the Dalmatian region and is consistently rated among the most happening hedonism destinations in Europe, alongside the likes of Ibiza, the Costa del Sol, and Mykonos.

Most of the action centers around buzzing Hvar Town. That glittering marina on the western end of the island pulses with life from May to September when the yachters pass by. Many stick to the quaysides, where champagne bars rub shoulders with hearty Croatian konoba (taverns). Others will sail or walk to nearby coves for snorkeling, sunbathing, and drinking in the uber-cool beach clubs that poke out above the water.

This guide lists all of the finest beach clubs in Hvar Town but also branches out to offer some more chilled and local suggestions up and down the length and breadth of the island. From legendary Hula Hula to Laganini Fish House and its sizzling platters of Adriatic seafood, there’s oodles to get through. Enjoy…

Hula Hula, Majerovića

hvar island
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Located right on the waterfront on its own isolated section of coastline in the lovely bay of Majerovica (a pretty pumping spot that you’ll notice mentioned time and time again here!), Hula Hula is a place where all stripes of revelers come to mingle.

It’s a haven for daytime parties and sunset relaxation alike, perched on a craggy run of boulders above a stunning snorkeling lagoon west of Hvar Town. You’ll find wooden recliners, fringed umbrellas, and a rustic wooden bar and shelter. Wolf, the owner of Hula Hula, has taken inspiration from his worldwide escapades to bring an Uluwatu-meets-Cuban cool to this Adriatic beach bar. 

They sell classic cocktails like mojitos and margaritas that you can enjoy to slow DJ tunes while the sun goes down. Hula Hula is one of the few spots in town where you can actually watch it disappear into the horizon, so get in early and grab a good spot because it certainly will get busy.

Address: Petrićevo šetalište 10, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Carpe Diem, Hvar Town

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One of the most iconic late-night party spots in Hvar, Carpe Diem has been the place to be since it opened its doors in 1999. The lively waterfront beach bar provides a loungey open space for its visitors, with great drinks, and even better vibes that go on well past the witching hour – the official closing time most nights is around 2am!

Carpe Diem has classically lured celeb crowds and the yachting elite, but everyone is welcome. The sounds of Carpe Diem’s characteristic sunset grooves greet revelers straight off the beach. They come to sit literally meters away from the bobbing billionaire yachts in an open-air terrace that has a view across the whole of Hvar Town’s main marina.

The bar has earned its reputation as a VIP hangout from the high season, when Hvar is bustling and hyped. Coming between May and August? Be sure you book in advance as they have a reservation-only policy in the midsummer and the terrace, with its separate bar, is allocated for exclusive clientele only.

Address: Riva 32, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Falko Beach Bar & Food, Majerovića

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Jutting out on its own peninsula in Vlade Avelinija, a bay across from Hula Hula, Falko Beach Bar is a hidden gem in Hvar. The place is actually known for its great pasta dishes, but also those sunset views, and laid-back vibes. 

You’ll discover all sorts of nooks and crannies on the sandy ground amid the swaying pine trees, where there are cabana-style shade covers and sun loungers just steps away from the sloshing Adriatic Sea to help you channel that daytime R&R.

To sum it up: Falko is effortlessly unpretentious. Come here to tuck away in one of the scattered sofas and enjoy a sundowner without intruding DJ beats or huge crowds of other partygoers. Families are welcome and the menu caters to all crowds, what with its offering of tasty Mediterranean dishes and both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.

Address: Vlade Avelinija, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Beach Club Hvar, Majerovića

hvar beach club
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At the opposite end of the spectrum to boho Falko (see above), Beach Club Hvar is an unapologetically upscale bar that’s chichi cool through and through. Entry is a little higher here than in other spots on this list – you’ll need to fork out a whopping kn325 ($45) for a sunbed for the day!

That gets you a real VIP experience, though. Expect an unbeatable ambiance with an exclusive feel and a sought-after seafront location. The main chillout space is under a grand white-stone colonnade beside a pine grove. Patrons there can choose between private stone cabanas, waterside loungers, and day beds with direct sea access.

We recommended arriving at noon to get your money’s worth and staying for sunset – best enjoyed with a craft cocktail at the lounge bar area and a plate of crunchy calamari. There’s also an onsite boutique for craft jewelry and designer beachwear, along with a wedding space that you can rent for a special day right on the side of the sun-kissed Adriatic.

Address: Šetalište Tonija Petrića 3, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Laganini Lounge Bar & Fish House, Palmizana

croatian islands
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Trendy and rustic with its own Croatian charm, Laganini might be another slightly pricier option, but it’s the perfect lunch or dinner spot for a mid-holiday treat. Lots will also whiz over here from Hvar Town for the golden hour.

Laganini Lounge is located on Palmizana Island, adjacent to Hvar, so you’ll need a boat or water taxi to get over to it. Trust us – the journey will be worth it! The scenery is, simply, stunning, as the venue emerges on driftwood stilts above a turquoise-tinged cove in the Adriatic, with lazing spaces lofted above the clear waters and the pumping bar space behind.

You’ll find lobster and oysters on the menu accompanied by artisanal cocktails and house wines. Talking of the food…Laganini is considered to be one of the most exclusive seafood restaurants in the Hvar vicinity, boasting a dedicated Fish House section that’s headed up by Croatian chef Matko Bukovec.

Address: ​​Palmižana 33, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

BB Club & Social Bar, Riva

hvar beach club
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Nestled right on the Riva marina of Hvar Town, calling out to yacht clubbers and wannabe boaties alike, BB Club is a cosmopolitan mecca with quality mixologists, stylish nautica decor, and a spacious Med lounge feel. 

The on-site Shrimp House restaurant serves up quality Mediterranean delicacies with an emphasis on fresh local ingredients. The bar section, meanwhile, has been dubbed one of the best places to sample artisanal cocktails – you simply can’t leave without a taste of one of the speciality Hvar Rose Martini, a combo of vodka, vermouth, grenadine, and orange bitters.

You’ll also find burgers, club sandwiches, pasta, and even Mexican dishes on the menu. The BBC Social Bar is open from 7am for a la carte breakfast and all-day dining. Basically, BB is a place to see and be seen in Riva until midnight falls. 

Address: Obala Riva 27, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Pink Champagne, Hvar

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Partnered with Hula Hula, Pink Champagne is a nightclub with an upscale and luxurious vibe. The energetic burlesque club regularly hosts cabaret shows and keeps going when the other spots get tired. The fun doesn’t really kick off here until 2am, making Pink Champagne the go-to for all-nighters in Hvar Town, of which there are plenty!

Granted, this one isn’t really a beach bar in the classic sense since it’s packed into the maze-like middle of the medieval marina town. But it’s worth a mention here because it’s arguably the leading after-party venue on the island and has a touring array of world-class DJ names that come its way throughout the summer months. 

The sets playing 80s bangers and electronica form the backing sounds for the party, whatever the night. Entry costs kn100 ($14) in the high season and there’s plenty of seating and VIP booths that can be arranged for advanced bookings.

Address: Ive Miličića 4, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Pinetta, Stari Grad

wine bar
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Located in the busy port town of Stari Grad, a little further east down the island from Hvar Town, Pinetta is one of the best places to sample the quintessential red Plavac wines of rural Croatia. Tucked just around the corner from the harbor, Pinetta maintains a humble wine-bar aesthetic, with warm sofas, tiled floors, and all-surrounding stone walls. 

You can enjoy light nibbles and Croatian tapas. They include anchovies, pates, cold cuts, bruschetta, and salads. They provide the perfect match for those aforementioned wines, which run the gamut from island-made roses to strong and rich Plavac creations from the Croatian mainland.

Don’t come here expecting a pumping party venue that goes until 2am. That’s not really the style of Stari Grad town as a whole. Come for a slow-paced and laid-back ambiance, with patrons that gather to chatter until around midnight while enjoying the sounds of the waves and the low hum of the Stari Grad bustle.

Address: Ul. Ljudevita Gaja 7, 21460, Stari Grad, Croatia

Red Baron Caffe, Riva

hvar marina
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One of the most consistently popular spots on Hvar’s main marina, Red Baron is a reasonably priced pitstop for a cold beer beside the bobbing boats and sloshing seas of the harborside. The main focal point is the al fresco terrace, which sprawls over a timber deck to offer front-on views of the old church spires and forested hills that crowd the center. We especially love the high chairs that face outwards, to offer totally unrivaled people watching space.

Classic cocktails, local spirits, and the subtly sweet Croatian prošek dessert wine adorn the menu. The food offering is refreshingly simple – think plates of local Pag cheese and platters of French fries, along with cold-cut carpaccios and crudites that can keep you fuelled up between Spritzes.

What’s nice is that you won’t have to take out a second mortgage to be able to enjoy a drink at the Red Baron. Everything from beers to wines are fairly priced, as is the chow to match. On top of that, the golden hour is a chilled affair here, with low-key tunes setting the backing track and all-round good vibes that often sees everyone talking to everyone.

Address: Riva 7, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Carpe Diem Beach, Paklinski Islands

Carpe Diem Beach
Photo by Carpe Diem Beach

Okay, so we’re cheating a touch here because the beach rendition of the much-loved Carpe Diem brand (a name we’ve already championed as one of the best beach clubs in Hvar Town) isn’t actually located on the main rock of Hvar Island. Instead, it sits just off the coast on the beautiful Paklinski Islands, a cluster of limestone bluffs that stretch westwards from Hvar Town.

That adds a real air of seclusion to proceedings, as the bar unfolds through a dash of wild Aleppo pines on the side of its very own little swimming lagoon.

There are two scenes on offer at Carpe Diem Beach. The first is the day scene. Come then to laze on a lounger as the pines sway in the breeze, swimming in the Adriatic and plunging in the on-site swimming pool. The second is the night scene. Many will stick around for that, while others hitch a boat taxi over from Hvar proper. It’s when the DJs and bands take to the stage and the whole island starts pumping. Be sure to check ahead to see what’s on.

Address: Stipanska, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Duba Beach Bar, Dubovica

Duba Beach Bar
Photo by Duba Beach Bar

Leave behind the glut of beach bars in Hvar Town and skip over to the wonderful south shore of the island. This is a land of wide bays and hidden coves, of sea caves and cliffs tufted with pine groves. Set in there somewhere just along from the small fishing village of Milna is Duba Beach Bar, which occupies the wooded beachfront of little Dubovica.

This is a get-away-from-it-all beach bar if there ever was one. There’s basically nothing else around save for a few villas and a spread of native olive groves. The bar itself spills onto a roughly laid concrete-cobble plinth under the casuarina trees just steps behind the water’s edge. It’s simple but charming, with just a few crooked plastic tables where folks sip frothy coffees and cold beers.

There’s no real rules about when the spot opens or closes. It’s very much about going with the flow. Some nights, you can expect summer chill-hop to beat on until past midnight. Other times, they’ll close up at around 10pm. We can vouch for the vibes, though – it’s always friendly and super relaxed down here!

Address: uvala, dubovica 10, 21450, Hvar, Croatia

Beach clubs in Hvar – our conclusion

You won’t have to worry about finding beach clubs in Hvar. Nope! The island is packed to the brim with them. In fact, it’s considered the pumping, hedonistic, party hub of the whole Adriatic Sea. Probably the best place to start is the cove of Majerovića just to the west of Hvar Town. It’s within easy walking distance of the marina and is famed for hosting venues like much-loved Hula Hula and the uber-chic Hvar Beach Club.

You’ll also want to spend some time partying the night away on the quaysides of Hvar Town itself, you know. That’s where the nightlife action tends to shift later on in the eve, when the sunset has finished and the beach bars are winding down. It’s the stomping ground of venues like Carpe Diem and Red Baron and others. 

Does Hvar have good nightlife?

The nightlife in Hvar is among the best in the Adriatic. The island has a special flair, especially during the summer, when it feels like there is always something going on. Beach parties, all-night clubs, festivals on nearby islands, and tavernas spilling with happy revelers are what Hvar is all about!

Where are the best beaches in Hvar?

The best beaches on Hvar are along the lesser-known south coast of the island, stretching from Hvar Town to Dubovica. That said, there some lovely snorkeling coves off the rocks to the west of Hvar Town and out in the Paklinski Islands, a famously beautiful archipelago that strings off the west coast. 

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