The Best Breakfast in Split: 7 Top Breakfast Joints

best breakfast in croatia

Split, Croatia, is one of the most incredible and beautiful tourist destinations in Europe. But can you eat well there? If you’re looking to get your days off to the best possible start, then you’ll be looking for places where you can get the best breakfast in Split.

Croatian’s love their food and they like to take their time eating it. It’s common to eat outside, either in an old town square or along the promenade, gazing out across the sea. While many people will go out for dinner, you should consider leaving the house in the morning for a great breakfast.

That’ll set you up for the day, getting it off to the perfect start. So, where can you find the best breakfast in Split? Here are seven of our favorite breakfast joints. Both tourists and locals alike rely on these cafes and restaurants for amazing food.

Marta’s Veggie Fusion

best breakfast in split for vegetarians
Credit: Louis Hansel, Unsplash

Croatia’s hedonistic culture means that many tourists like to engage in the finer things in life, including consuming plenty of meat. However, if you’re more inclined towards a plant-based diet, then you’re in luck while in Split. This city has plenty of vegetarian and vegan options for you to try. People looking for a vegan breakfast should head to Marta’s Veggie Fusion.

Located near the Joker shopping mall, this breakfast joint is a little further out of town. For that reason, many tourists don’t just stumble upon it and risk missing out. However, it’s managed to build a strong reputation for providing fresh and healthy meals, especially in the morning.

This is a small cafe so get there early to ensure you have the greatest range of options. From pies, burgers, and wraps, there are plenty of substantial meals if you’re looking to leave feeling full. If the place is full when you arrive, then you can always get your breakfast to go.

Kat’s Kitchen Deli

Kat's kitchen deli is a great breakfast joint in Split
Credit: Benjamin Ashton, Unsplash

A relatively small cafe, Kat’s Kitchen Deli has gained a cult reputation among locals that has now spread to tourists, as well. The staff are incredibly friendly and accommodating. Even in the early morning, this place can get busy, meaning the staff have to work hard to serve everyone quickly. Once you’re food arrives, you’ll understand why Kat’s is known for offering some of the best breakfast in Split.

The menu is vast, catering for carnivores while having plenty of vegan and gluten-free options. The concept of Kat’s is “innovative food preparation”. This involves working only with seasonal ingredients to ensure the food is always fresh, nutritious, and delicious. It also helps the restaurant have a lower carbon footprint. Kat’s even has its own garden where some of the ingredients are grown and picked right before being served to the customer.

Eating at Kat’s is always a pleasurable experience and it’s one of the best ways to start the day. In particular, you’ll want to try the breakfast smoothies. They’re made freshly on-site with the healthiest ingredients. They’ll leave you feeling hydrated and full of energy for your Split vacation.


Bepa! offers some of the best breakfast in Split
Credit: Travis Yewell, Unsplash

Bepa! is a tourist favorite for breakfast in Split, largely because of its convenient location at the very heart of the Old Town. This means that’s it likely only a short walk from your hotel so you can head out and be eating breakfast in no time. This isn’t merely a place of convenience, though, but also of extremely high quality.

While visiting a Mediterranean country, you’ll likely want to try Mediterranean food. This is exactly what you get in Bupa! The dishes are based on local ingredients that have been freshly grown or caught in Split itself. The waiting staff are the friendliest, the chefs are the most dedicated, and the food is among the best breakfast in Split.

The menu is seasonal, meaning that it changes depending on what time of year you visit the restaurant. Typical breakfasts include avocado, eggs Benedict, granola bowls, and waffles. This is food designed to make you feel good and put a smile on your face. When the weather is warm, there’s nothing like eating outside surrounded by stunning Roman architecture.

Misto Street Food

You can have street food for breakfast in Split
Credit: Shane Rounce, Unsplash

Are you looking for something quick but also traditional and delicious? Then you might want to try one of Split’s street food options. In particular, consider heading to Misto Street Food. Most people go for the burgers, which are rated as some of the best in Croatia. The food isn’t designed to be healthy but it sure tastes good.

This is Croatia’s version of fast-food, although the quality goes far beyond what you’ll find in the biggest fast-food chains. Made freshly on-site by passionate chefs, you’ll taste the quality of breakfast at this amazing street food vendor. It’s also very convenient as a place to stop during you’re walking tour of the Old Town. It’s nestled between the European art gallery and the Game of Thrones museum.

The only downside is that Misto Street Food doesn’t have many options for vegans and vegetarians. It’s a place for those who love a meat-filled breakfast. If you do, you’ll consider this the best breakfast in Split. If you don’t, however, then you should look for one of the many vegan and vegetarian breakfast joints that Split has to offer.

Feel Green

Vegan's will love the selection at Feel Green
Credit: Ella Olsson, Unsplash

More and more people are seeking to start their days with something healthy. It’s nice to have fried meat, pancakes, or sugar cereal occasionally. However, this can cause serious heart problems and leave you lacking energy throughout the day. If you’re one of those people looking to turbocharge your mornings for optimal health, then Split has plenty of options for you.

One of the places you need to eat at is Feel Green. The aim of this company is to offer food that is as healthy and fresh as possible. The most popular breakfast item is probably the smashed avocado on toast, which is best enjoyed with a side of freshly squeezed orange juice. This isn’t a purely vegan restaurant, though, which is why is serves up plenty of seafood that’s been caught locally.

The attraction of this restaurant is that it’s also one of the most affordable places in Split. Even though it’s in an area that’s heavily frequented by tourists – just a few steps from the main tourist promenade – it’s still affordable. That’s why many people have made it their regular breakfast joint. That combination of low price, high quality, and nutrition is hard to beat.

Brooklyn Bagel Co.

If you love bagels for breakfast, you can get them in Split
Credit: Aneta Voborilova, Unsplash

If you grew up in the USA, you’re probably used to starting the day with a hearty bagel. However, these can often be hard to find. Luckily, you have an option in Split that will be difficult to find anywhere else in Croatia: Brooklyn Bagel Co. As the name implies, these are made in the style of true New York bagels and they really hit the mark.

You’ll get a choice of which kind of bagel you want along with the fillings. This is a truly unique breakfast in Croatia since you can’t even buy bagels in the grocery stores. That’s how you know that these have been freshly-baked on-site and arrive on your table hot out of the oven.

The Brooklyn Bagel Co. is a relatively new addition to Split but its popularity is rising on a daily basis. It’s the tourists who get most excited by this breakfast gem but locals themselves are also increasingly embracing the bagel breakfast lifestyle. If you love this kind of food, then there’s nowhere better to get it in Split.

Galerija Bar Food

Get bar food for breakfast in Split
Credit: Spencer Davis, Unsplash

People looking for satisfying food in a cozy setting often want bar food. While Croatia might not be famous for its pub grub, there are a few options that travelers can look for. Perhaps the best location for this kind of breakfast is a place called Galerija Bar Food. As the name implies, it offers that satisfying dose of bar-inspired cuisine.

This is an Old Town restaurant that has the potential to get pretty busy around lunchtime and particularly into the evening. That’s why we recommend going in the morning to enjoy a quiet – yet entirely delicious – breakfast. They don’t have a breakfast menu as such but there is a brunch menu that can be enjoyed from 8am.

In particular, diners rate the omelet on the brunch menu. If you love to start the day with some protein, then this is probably the best option. This comes with a side of salad and a cup of Croatia’s famously smooth coffee. When the weather is warm (as it often is in Split), you can eat outside. You don’t have to eat on the street, though, since Galerija has its own quaint old courtyard.

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