Best Breakfasts in Zagreb: 7 Sizzling Spots in Croatia’s Capital

best breakfast in zagreb

With incredible nightlife, enthralling annual events, and authentic Croatian charm, Zagreb more than makes up for its lack of picturesque beaches. You can do anything in Croatia’s capital, and if you’re wondering where to find the best breakfast in Zagreb, you’re in the right place.  

Zagreb has given way to a thriving culinary scene, with a host of tasty bistros and cafés serving world-class regional cuisine scattered all around the city. Although Croatians are traditionally known to have breakfast at home or skip it altogether, we can confidently say that the winds of change have swept through the capital in recent years. There are plenty of breakfast spots to cater to the hoards of tourists who visit every year. 

It can be hard to choose where to eat with so many options at your disposal. That’s why this guide has compiled all of the best spots for breakfasts in Zagreb to streamline the process. Let’s begin.

Otto & Frank

breakfasts in zagreb
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Kicking off our list is the ever-popular Otto & Frank in the cafe-lined, foodie hotspot that is Zagreb’s Tkalčićeva Street. Seeing as it serves its signature breakfasts all day, it’s an excellent place to visit for a bite to eat at any time of day.

What’s more, it’s affordably priced for its central location. Otto & Frank is tucked away behind the main square and the charming Dolac market, where vendors sell the best in local produce. You can start your day off at a slow pace, despite this café being situated on one of the city’s busiest and most vibrant streets. 

All of Otto & Frank’s ingredients are locally sourced, and the complete Zagreb breakfast is unmissable. Consisting of cottage cheese, cream, horseradish, ham, crispy poached eggs, spring radishes, and scallions, this combination has consistently entranced its visitors. 

You can even add a bucket of homemade fries to your order for good measure. Nevertheless, their mouthwatering traditional Croatian dishes like knedli, the potato-dough dumplings, and sarma, which are stuffed cabbage leaf rolls, are well worth a try as well. 

Rating: 4.6/5

Price Range: $$-$$$

Address: Ul. Ivana Tkalčića 20, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Contact: +385 1 4824 288

Opening Hours:  Monday to Thursday, 8 am to 10 pm, Friday, 8 am to 11 pm, Saturday, 8 am to 12 am, Sunday, 9 am to 5 pm


freshly baked rolls
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Next up, is the easy-going artisan cafe that is Korica. Situated on the boisterous nightlife hub of Preradovićeva Road, near Zagreb’s magical Flower Market, the café’s delectable baked goods consistently draw a morning crowd and make one of the best breakfasts in Zagreb

Their signature cake, the cruffin, which is a cross between a muffin and a croissant, is especially popular and was conjured by economics graduate and owner, Ivana Urem Marohnić. All of their bread is also additive-free and baked using traditional Croatian methods. Other highlights include their delectable golden crust, almond croissant, and walnut-raisin bread. 

Don’t miss out on the brioches and banana bread either. And the icing on the cake, you can enjoy your meal in a homely setting with plenty of greenery, and an elegantly minimalist interior. 

Rating: 4.7/5

Price Range: $-$$

Address: Preradovićeva ul. 39, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Contact: +385 1 6231 995

Opening Hours:  Monday to Friday, 7 am to 7 pm, Saturday, 8 am to 3 pm


salmon omelet
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Merely a stone’s throw from the city’s pulsing, architecturally rich main square, you’ll find Eggspress, one of Zagreb’s first omeletteries. It’s become quite popular with the breakfast and brunch crowd, thanks to its unbelievable selection of egg dishes, and is widely regarded as the best place for omelets in the city. 

The colorful, contemporary interior features exposed brickwork and is warm and inviting, complete with a grand piano. The staff is consistently praised for their exceptional service and, naturally, the eggs are cooked to perfection. 

Try their beautifully presented Eggs Benedict, served with hollandaise sauce, three poached eggs, and grilled ham. Their spicy eggs with yogurt and Shakshuka, accompanied by fresh orange juice, make the perfect hangover cure too. 

If you’re passing by later in the day, be sure to sample their tantalizing Mimosas or an Aperol Spritz. All in all, Eggspress is the obvious choice if you’re craving world-class egg dishes in a cosmopolitan atmosphere before you embark on a day of sightseeing.

Rating: 4.5/5

Price Range: $$-$$$

Address: Vlaška ul. 81a, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia


Opening Hours:  Tuesday to Sunday, 9 am to 2 pm


acai bowl
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Just a three-minute walk away from the endearingly strange Museum of Broken Relationships, you’ll find the cozy Melt Café. Melt is nestled on the eclectic RadićevaIt street, which connects the Stone Gate with the Ban Jelačić Square, and the café makes a great starting point before exploring the old upper town. 

Melt boasts a fun pink interior, with an all-day breakfast menu, gluten-free options, and even a gelato bar too. The gelato counter stands at the front of the building, ready and waiting to serve weary sightseers, while the café sits at the back. Once there, you’ll be greeted with an enticing menu offering a wide variety of memorable breakfast options. 

Some of our favorites include the acai bowls, smoothie bowls, and avocado toast served on homemade bread. Everything considered Melt is a beautiful place to start your day with its warm atmosphere, first-rate meals, and central location.

Rating: 4.4/5

Price Range: $$-$$$

Address: Radićeva ul. 3A, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Contact: +385 1 3454 384

Opening Hours:  Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 10 pm, Sunday, 9 am to 5 pm


eggs benedict
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Situated opposite the architecturally impressive Croatian National Theatre, which frequently plays host to drama, opera, and ballet performances is the infamous Kavkaz Café. Among the oldest cafés in Croatia, it was once a favorite haunt for famous Croatian writers and artists, with its close proximity to the theatre earning it the nickname of the “theatre café”.

Seeing as Kavkaz has been serving up some of the best breakfasts in Zagreb for over 120 years, its interior has gone through a number of changes. Nonetheless, its popularity has never waned, thanks to its boisterous ambiance, stunning surroundings, and diverse menu. In addition, the staff is praised for their speedy service and friendly demeanors, being on a first-name basis with many a returning clientele. 

The food is equally exceptional, with most customers raving about their salmon omelet. The eggs benedict served on a warm bun, with a lollo rosso side salad is another firm favorite.

Rating: 4.6/5

Price Range: $$-$$$

Address: Trg Republike Hrvatske 1, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Contact: +385 1 6154 868

Opening Hours:  Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 11 pm, Sunday, 9 am to 10 pm

Le Bistro

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If you’re looking for a more luxurious breakfast experience, the upscale Le Bistro at the chic Esplanade hotel near Zagreb Central Station is the place to go. Their diverse menu wastes no time in pulling out all the stops to satisfy even the most discerning palates, while their dreamy terrace is the ideal location for a glamorous start to any day. 

The poached eggs at Le Bistro are often described as world-class, served with fried bacon, veal sausages, and baked ham. However, you could also opt for the decadent Eggs Royale, which is accompanied by rösti potatoes, smoked salmon, and Hollandaise sauce. 

They also have lighter options at Le Bistro, like the fresh fruit platter or the grilled pineapple with honey and pumpkin seeds, and there are plenty of options if you have a sweet tooth too. Visitors can’t get enough of the French toast with maple syrup, hot oatmeal with acacia honey, or the crêpes with maple syrup and fruit jam.

Needless to say, it’s a great place to visit before or after a train journey, thanks to its strategic location. Truth be told, we think its magnificent art deco interior alone makes it more than worthy of your time. Breakfast is served from 9 am to 10.30 am and makes the perfect fuel for the day of travel.

Rating: 4.7/5

Price Range: $$-$$$

Address: Ul. Antuna Mihanovića 1, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Contact: +385 1 4566 611

Opening Hours:  Monday to Sunday, 9 am to 11 pm


young woman serving a cake in cafe
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Tucked away on the electric and diverse Dežmanova street, near Zagreb’s breathtaking nature parks, is the artsy Café Velvet. Blending in seamlessly with the other eccentric shops and restaurants you’ll find in the area, the snug atmosphere and beautiful interior make it a great place to bring your laptop and spend a day working away. They even have free Wi-Fi for customers. 

Their breakfast menu offers a wide range of options, covering everything from tangy cakes and quiche to first-rate sandwiches. The accommodating staff, mint green chairs, forest views, and cozy outdoor terraces offer the perfect momentary escape from the hustle and bustle of the main road, and an environment you could easily whittle away a whole day in.

Be sure to savor the carrot cake, baked fresh every morning, and thank us later.

Rating: 4.6/5

Price Range: $$-$$$

Address: Dežmanova ul. 9, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Contact: +385 1 4846 743

Opening Hours:  Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 10 pm

When is the best time to visit Zagreb?

The warmest months to visit Zagreb are from June to August with long days and pleasant highs in the late 70s. This is also the busiest and most expensive time to visit, so consider heading to Croatia’s capital in the shoulder seasons if you want fewer crowds and better deals. May to early June sees the spring showers start to ease, while September is still one of the hottest months and most summer tourists have dispersed by this time. 

What do Croatians eat for breakfast?

A traditional breakfast in Croatia consists of cornbread and lard, sprinkled with paprika and served with strong coffee, but many Croatians also have eggs, cold cuts, and pickles first thing in the morning, as well as fruit and yogurt. You can find American and English breakfast dishes in most touristy towns and hotels, but pastries and brioches are also common breakfast snacks all over the country. 

What is a typical lunch in Zagreb?

Lunch is traditionally the main meal in Croatia. Called “ručak” in the local language, a typical Croatian lunch would consist of soup, followed by roasted meat, served with vegetables, potatoes or noodles, and even a dessert. Lunch is eaten anytime from noon to late afternoon, and dinner is usually a lot lighter. 

How what days do you need in Zagreb?

Zagreb is an enchanting city, and although Croatia’s sizzling coastal destinations are often chosen over the capital for their beaches and sunshine, there’s plenty of reason to spend a few days in Zagreb. You could stay for months and still not uncover all of Zagreb’s magic, but three days are enough to tour most of the top attractions and sample the local cuisine. Give yourself more time if you want to really get to know Zagreb, because the quirky street art, history museums, and surrounding natural beauty are all worth exploring too. 

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