Nightlife in Split: 7 Best Bars & Nightclub Venues

nightlife in Split

If you want to party in Croatia, Split is the place to visit. By day, Split is a city of hustle and bustle, with thriving seafront cafés, heaving ancient streets and notoriously noisy market vendors. And the city doesn’t slow down after dark. From beachside bars to underground clubs, nightlife in Split is a guaranteed good time. It’s no wonder the city holds such a special place in the hearts of European backpackers. 

Ultra, the world-famous dance music festival, really put Split’s nightlife on the map when it kicked off in 2013. Since then, the city’s party scene has gone from strength to strength, attracting late-night revelers from across the world. Whether you’re a fan of live music, want to rave until the early hours, or while away the night in a cocktail bar, nightlife in Split is diverse enough to cater to a broad range of tastes. 

Planning a trip to Split and in the mood to party? We’ve got you covered. Read on as we list seven of the best venues to experience nightlife in Split.

Central The Club

Central The Club
Photo by Central The Club

Central The Club is a true highlight of the nightlife in Split. Opened in 2017, Central The Club is an enormous two-floor nightclub housed in an old cinema building. It’s now a go-to destination for partygoers in search of a more high-end clubbing experience. Think extravagant light displays, tables, cage dancers, and four bars to choose from.

The club attracts the world’s hottest DJs, with line-ups that will particularly appeal to fans of EDM. Central The Club wouldn’t feel out of place in Miami or Ibiza, and you can expect prices to match its boujie feel. While it’s not necessarily one for those on a tight budget, Central the Club is absolutely worth visiting for a truly special night in Split.

Klub Kocka

Klub Kocka
Photo by Klub Kocka

Fans of drum ‘n’ bass, techno, punk rock and other alternative genres need to know about Klub Kocka. This is a legendary venue in the basement of the Youth Cultural Centre that is immensely popular with university students and younger crowds in Split.

Klub Kocka has a  good roster of events, which typically features heavy club nights for lovers of underground music and weekly gigs from alternative rock bands. When it’s not hosting raves and mosh pits, Klub Kocka is a space for interesting cultural events, such as lectures, films and quiz nights. It’s definitely a club that should be on your radar if you fancy a night of heavy electronic or alternative music while in Split. 

Charlie’s Bar

Charlie’s Bar
Photo by Charlie’s Bar

If you’re staying in a hostel in Split, chances are you’ll end up at Charlie’s Bar at some point during your stay. A favorite with the backpacking crowd, Charlie’s Bar is one of the most popular places to party in Split. Charlie’s Bar has all the hallmarks of a backpacker’s bar: cheap drinks (think lurid colored shots), pumping dance music, beer pong tables aplenty and a really international crowd.

It’s a great place to get on your pre-game and meet fellow travelers, with really friendly bar staff who are keen to involve everyone in the action. A real institution, Charlie’s Bar is certainly worth a visit if you’re looking for a lively party destination that is open no matter what day of the week!

Tennis Bar

pouring a drink
Louis Hansel on Unsplash

For laid back yet upbeat vibes, look no further than Tennis Bar. This pet-friendly beachfront bar is the perfect place to welcome in another evening in Split. By day, it makes for a relaxed setting to enjoy ocean views, just get comfy on one of the seaside sofas and enjoy the bar’s menu of coffee, cocktails and light bites.

Towards the evening, however, the atmosphere comes alive, with many young people flocking here to enjoy sundowner drinks and then dance the night away to deep house music. With reasonably priced drinks, great service and a fun atmosphere, this is one of the highlights of nightlife in Split.


Photo by Lvxor

Head to Lvxor for an evening spent wining, dining and listening to live music. This restaurant and bar is a popular spot for multiple reasons: not only is its food seriously good, but its setting is unforgettable too. Enjoy your dinner within the ancient walls of the palatial Peristyle Square. A popular spot with street performers, the hubbub of diners, performers and people wandering around truly adds to the lively atmosphere of this place.

A little later on, the music is turned up, the lights are turned down low, and the dancing begins! It may not go on until the early hours like some parties in Split, but Lvxor is a great place for those who prefer a more laid back night out.


Live music band
Dan Burton on Unsplash

It’s not often that gig venues are located on the second floor of an office building, but don’t let Quasimodo’s somewhat puzzling location put you off. This club is one of Split’s leading venues for alternative music and DJ nights. Quasimodo hosts many of Croatia’s leading bands, as well as some international acts too. Expect to hear the sounds of rock, indie, blues, jazz, and many more.

This sparsely decorated and dimly lit venue should definitely be on your radar if you have a taste for alternative and underground music. And when it’s not rocking out, Quasimodo is a good cultural hub, hosting spoken-word evenings and quiz nights.  It’s truly one of the highlights of nightlife in Split.

Vanilla Club

Vanilla is an unmissable club in Split.
Antoine J on Unsplash

Despite what its name might suggest, a night in Vanilla club is anything but mediocre. This club is one of the most famous destinations for nightlife in Split. Vanilla club has a huge capacity, with four bars and multiple dance floors. It’s a popular spot for attendees of The Yacht Week, a week-long ‘floating festival’ that takes people around Croatia.

When it’s not hosting top local and international DJs, Vanilla Club doubles as a gig menu, offering attendees the chance to catch some of the hottest new bands as well as more established acts. Vanilla Club is slightly out of the center of Split, but only a 20-minute walk, or an even shorter taxi. It’s well worth making the journey to Vanilla Club. The spot can get pretty crowded in the summer months however, so the best experiences to be had at Vanilla Club are in the low season.

Does Split have good nightlife?

If you’re a fan of partying, you can’t go too far wrong in Split. The city has a brilliant nightlife scene, with a great variety of bars, clubs and restaurants to suit different tastes. EDM is arguably the most popular genre in Split’s bars and clubs, largely thanks to the influence of dance music festivals such as Ultra. However, there are also lots of venues dedicated to more alternative tastes in Split. For example, there’s a strong alt rock scene, with many gigs in the city’s underground venues, such as Klub Kocka and Quasimodo. Meanwhile, as a backpacker’s destination, there’s no shortage of bars and clubs featuring cheesy tunes, beer pong and fluorescent buckets of alcohol! 

Is there good LGBTQ+ nightlife in Split? 

Croatia is not an overwhelmingly LGBT-friendly destination, particularly when compared with other European countries such as Spain and Greece. However, this isn’t to say that LGBT people tend to face any trouble in Split. The city doesn’t have any official gay bars,  However, members of the LGBT community usually find themselves welcome in most establishments in Split.

There are also a number of bars and clubs that are favored by the LGBT crowd. For example, Ghetto Bar (Academia Club Ghetto) is renowned as the closest thing to a gay bar in Split, making for safe and inclusive place to enjoy a good party. 

Is it expensive to party in Split? 

There’s a reason that Split is popular with backpackers: not only has it got a thriving nightlife scene, but it’s also cheap. The average cost of a pint of beer here is just $2.50, making for a pretty affordable night out. That being said, the cost of partying in Split can vary greatly considering where you choose to go.

Larger, more extravagant parties in clubs such as Central the Club can cost as much as $20 just to enter, with drinks significantly more expensive than you’d find in some of the city’s more low key bars. However, there are a great number of nightlife venues that offer reasonably-priced drinks and no entry fee. If you’re looking for a cheap night out in Split, you can’t go wrong following the backpacker crowd. Many hostels will run affordable bar crawls and club nights, with promotions on drinks for the budget-conscious. 

To find out more about how expensive Split is, take a look at our price guide to the city.

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