The 7 Best Destinations for Couples in Cyprus

best destinations for couples in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island situated in the Mediterranean between Europe and the Middle East. It’s been a favorite holiday destination for generations. Offering a rich history and culture there’s plenty to explore, see, and do across the island. But which Cyprus destination is the best for couples? From the UNESCO world heritage site of Paphos to the lesser-known Akamas Peninsula, you’ve got plenty around to suit all kinds of travelers. 

With plenty of golden sandy beaches, ancient ruins, national parks, and coastal views you’ll be hard pushed to find a nicer destination for a couples retreat. Whether you’re looking to indulge your inner history buff, participate in numerous water sports, or just relax for a week, Cyprus can offer you everything you’re heart desires.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best destinations in Cyprus for couples. Whether you’re searching for a romantic getaway, an outdoor adventure, or something a little unique, you’ll find it all here.

1. Paphos

Paphos, Cyprus
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When deciding on a place to visit in Cyprus, choosing between Paphos or Limassol can be tricky, but we’re here to tell you that both locations are perfect for couples. No matter which one you choose, you’re bound to have a great vacation. Paphos, however, is one of the more well-known tourist destinations in Cyprus. With a large number of beaches and coves to explore you’ll never be short of finding a place to top up your tan. 

But that’s not the only thing on offer. There are plenty of historical sites across the city worth noting. From the Paphos Archaeological Park with a breathtaking collection of tombs and temples to the Roman Amphitheater and market. Couples will love strolling around the busy harbor and its 13th-century medieval castle as well as taking a meander around the local shops, cafes, and restaurants. 

Paphos is awash with ancient history, myths, and culture making it the perfect place for everyone. Although, if there’s one thing to avoid in Cyprus it’s visiting Paphos at the height of the peak season, where you’ll see nothing but crowds of tourists.

2. Larnaca

Larnaca, Cyprus
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Known for its palm-tree-lined seafront, Larnaca is the island’s third-largest city. This bustling port city offers ancient ruins, castles, churches, mosques, and old town areas mixed with modern high-rise hotels and apartment blocks. Home to the country’s primary airport, it attracts thousands of visitors every year. 

While most tourists may only see Larnaca from the plane window as it comes into land, it actually has a lot going for it as a destination. With Finikoudes named as one of Europe’s finest beaches, you’ll want to make sure you spend at least one day of your vacation there, relaxing on a sun lounger soaking up the sun. 

Both Finikoudes and Mackenzie Beach offer a lot in the way of water sports from windsurfing and kitesurfing to diving, swimming, and snorkeling due to their calm waters. For nature lovers and avid bird watchers, take a trip inland to Larnaca’s Salt Lake, where you’ll find a vast array of native birds and waders. 

The harbor surrounding Larnaca is a popular spot for mooring up luxury yachts and is backed by chic cafes and stylish boutiques. History buffs and those who love to explore will enjoy taking a look around some of the most historic religious sites in Cyprus, including the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque and the Church of St Lazarus.

3. Limassol

Limassol marina
Photo by twenty20photos via Envato Elements

If you’re looking for local nightlife combined with a family-friendly atmosphere, Limassol is the perfect destination for you. Limassol, Cyprus is one of the best destinations for couples looking for a bit of everything. Lemesos as it’s now known has five pretty beaches, plenty of attractions, and a good selection of restaurants, cafes, and hotels. 

As one of the country’s largest cities, you’ll find plenty of shops along the narrow cobbled streets, from well-known UK brands such as Debenhams and Lidl to Cypriot brands such as Orphanidies and Sklavenitis. It’s a shopaholics dream town with American-style shopping malls located on the outskirts of town. Excite your inner child with a trip to Fasouri Watermania Waterpark and Limassol Zoo. 

Evening entertainment in Limassol ranges from quiet and subdued restaurants to busy and lively nightclubs, with most of the karaoke bars and live music bars situated near the marina area. So spend your days exploring the area or relaxing on the beach and your evenings drinking the night away with delicious food and lots of locals. 

Depending on the months you visit, you may even catch one of its many festivals. From Carnival in February and March to the Wine Festival in September and for the petrol heads, October brings the popular Cyprus Rally. But no matter the time of year you go, Limassol still offers one of the best destinations in Cyprus for couples to enjoy a little time to themselves.

4. Coral Bay

Coral Bay at sunset
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Located just 12km from Paphos, Coral Bay tends to be a popular destination for young couples and families. Coral Bay is great for those who want a little sense of adventure, as the nearby ancient ruins and mountain villages are well worth exploring. The Blue Flag Coral Beach is a long stretch of golden sand close to most accommodation and offers the optimal conditions for safe swimming. 

With numerous access points, lifeguards during high season, and a good selection of water sports, Coral beach along with Coralia Beach often get heavily crowded during peak season. There are plenty of beach shops, roadside stalls, restaurants, cafes, and bars around the area too. Although not as well endowed as Paphos for its archaeological sites, Coral Bay does have two that are worth a visit. 

Whether you’re looking to escape the midday heat or just want to take a look at a bit of history, be sure to check out The Maa Palaiokastro Archaeological Site and the Maa Palaiokastro Museum. Other things to do in Coral Bay include exploring the Adonis Baths Waterfalls, taking a hike along the Avakas Gorge Nature trail, and catching the sunset near Edro III Shipwreck.

5. Pissouri

Pissouri Beach, Cyprus
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If you’re looking for a quieter vacation, away from hordes of tourists and with a little injection of typical Cypriot life, Pissouri might just be Cyprus’ best destination for couples. Sitting around 500 meters above sea level, Pissouri Village feels like a step back in time and although there has been a little updating over the years, the local council has worked hard to preserve its traditional lifestyle. 

With picturesque windy, narrow alleyways and pots of geraniums, Pissouri is a great place to experience life as a local and truly embrace the Cypriot lifestyle. The best way to enjoy a vacation here is by renting a self-catering apartment, visiting and buying produce from the local shops including grocery stores, bakeries, and mini-marts. There is, however, a variety of restaurants and bars on offer too should you wish to treat yourselves to a couple of nights out. 

The village square comes alive during the evenings with locals and visitors wining and dining on their terraces with stunning sea views. Depending on the time of year you may also be able to join in with several festivals and Cypriot nights of dancing, music, and drinking. There’s also plenty to do during the days as well from exploring a variety of nature trails either by walking or cycling to relaxing on Pissouri Beach.

6. Protaras

Fig Tree Bay, Protaras, Cyprus
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With apartment and hotel blocks overlooking the sandy beach of Fig Tree Bay and its crystal clear waters, Protaras is one of the most popular resort destinations in Cyprus. This destination sees a wide range of travelers, from couples and families to singles and groups of friends, return year after year. The beach itself has plenty of sun loungers and parasols spread along its golden sands so you can top up your tan in style. 

Its clear waters are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and a wide range of water sports making it even more popular for adventure seekers and water sports enthusiasts. As one of the warmest places in Cyprus, this purpose-built holiday resort town is perfect for any kind of sunny vacation. Why not escape the midday sun with a refreshing beverage at one of the many restaurants and bars that line the promenade at the rear of the beach. 

For those that love exploring the places they visit, Protaras has plenty to offer you. From walking trails through the Cape Greco National Park to the picturesque Ayii Anargyri Chapel that overlooks Konnos Bay. However, there’s even more on offer than just walks, check out the Ocean Aquarium, Saint Elias Chapel, and Agioi Saranta Cave Church. 

With an excellent array of restaurants and bars catering to all types of cuisine, you’ll be spoilt for choice. From burger joints to haute-cuisine to traditional Cypriot dishes. For newcomers to Cypriot food, ask for meze and sample some of the many delicacies Cyprus has to offer.

7. Akamas Peninsula

Akamas Peninsula, Cyprus
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Another of Cyprus’ best destinations for couples is the Akamas Peninsula. The unspoiled natural parkland of The Akamas National Park is by far the best place for any nature lover. Why? Because it’s home to over 160 species of birds, and tons of different species of Cyprus snakes, lizards, and reptiles. Not only that but you’ll also find a variety of mammals, including hedgehogs and foxes. You may even encounter one of Cyprus’ most dangerous animals.

The coastal area of the park has some of the most stunning natural sandy beaches and bays that are well worth exploring. The two most spectacular are Blue Lagoon and Lara bay, which is a major breeding ground for the endangered Hawk’s Bill and Green Turtle. While there are plenty of walk trails and hiking routes you can explore on your own, sometimes it’s better to book an organized tour.

The local guide will know all of the best areas for spotting local flora and fauna as well as getting a glimpse of the best views over the island. For those wanting to study the natural history of the island in greater detail consider staying in the Polis area. Situated 25km from Paphos on the northwest coast, right on the edge of the Akamas Park, the Polis area encompasses a number of holiday resorts where you’re never too far from Cypriot villages and beaches for topping up your tan.

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