Best Party Destinations in Cyprus: 7 Unmissable Nightlife Spots

best party destinations in Cyprus

With its incredibly diverse cuisine and gorgeous natural landscapes, it’s little wonder Cyprus has a thriving tourism scene. On top of this, it’s one of the safest travel destinations in the world, while being one of the largest and most populated islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

Seeing as it’s nestled between three continents, it’s also home to a culturally diverse population and culinary scene – and don’t even get us started on its infamous nightlife. Fun times are guaranteed on this island, and you’ll find more than enough clubs, bars, and cafes bursting with camaraderie to satisfy every taste and occasion.

From the lively hotspots of Limassol to the vibey streets of Paphos, and the clubs of Ayia Napa, Cyprus is certain to steal any party animal’s heart. To ensure you don’t miss out, we’ve compiled a guide to some of Cyprus’ best party destinations. Let’s get into it.

Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa in Cyprus
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Kicking off our list, we have the iconic Ayia Napa. This town really doesn’t need much of an introduction, as its reputation precedes it, and it’s been a clubbing hotspot for years. It’s undeniably Cyprus’ premier party destination, and quite possibly the liveliest resort in the Mediterranean Sea, with a plethora of world-class bars and nightclubs to dance the night away. 

From bustling 24-hour discos to easy-going bars and boat parties, there’s something to suit everyone. In fact, this destination is home to over 80 bars and 12 nightclubs, which means you could make the most of your trip and visit a different one every night of the week. 

Of course, every venue has its own charms, but one of our favorites has to be The Castle Club. It looks like an old fortification, and you’ll find everything from DJs, to VIP lounge areas here. It also has a uniquely endearing atmosphere, and it’s the biggest club in Cyprus. Be sure to check out Senior Frog’s, The Square Bar, and the neon-lit Ayias Mavris Street as well, where you’ll find several venues offering drink specials and drinking games. 


View of Cyprus from above
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Next up, we have the vibrant Larnaca. This city has an undeniably bubbly culture and hosts several festivals and events throughout the year while boasting some of the best nightclubs in Cyprus.

Larnaca has some truly unmissable clubs and a lively beach strip, which has been known to host some incredible beach parties over the years, with nightlife being based around its beachfront promenade. However, you’ll also find some amazing spots in its CBD. Most of the clubs here open at around 7 pm, with some carrying on until the early hours.

For starters, you could visit Club DEEP in the heart of Larnaca. It welcomes some of the best DJs in the city, as well as having a VIP lounge, and is considered to be one of the hippest spots in Larnaca. The club plays predominantly RnB, Hip Hop, and House music, so if you’re after atmosphere, this is definitely the club for you.

You could also explore the city further and some other Larnaca hotspots like Mazzo Bar, The Tudor Inn, the Blue Martini Club, and the incredible Blok Cocktail Bar.


Paphos ruins
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Seeing as the entire Agiou Antoniou Street is dedicated to nightlife and known as ‘Bar Street,’ it won’t be long before you stumble upon a hangout where good times are certain in Paphos. The breathtaking harbor area is one of the best places to be here, and it really comes alive at night. It’s very likely that you’ll come across a variety of helpful club promoters, who can show you around the strip and offer some good drink deals. 

That said, the city’s nightlife generally caters more to couples, and you’ll find plenty of places with intimate atmospheres, VIP rooms, and events as well. We recommend checking out the Pit Stop Pub, The Dome, and Loft Club if this is what you’re after. 

The Rose Pub has to be our favorite though. It’s widely considered to be one of the best bars in Paphos, thanks to its friendly and lively atmosphere, with the traditional English pub serving up traditional Sunday roasts and sporting events. You won’t find any shortage of live music here either, as it’s one of the bars’ biggest draws. 


Protaras lagoon
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Considering its reputation as a popular location for weddings, there’s no denying Protaras doesn’t have quite the nightlife appeal of its neighbor, Ayia Napa. Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t lively spots and you’ll find no shortage of upscale options to enjoy a sundowner with your loved one.

If you are looking for more evening fun, stroll further into town, and you’ll find bustling bars on nearly every corner of its main strip. They usually have wide-screen TVs playing sporting events, or tribute act performances, and even karaoke machines for hazy nights. 

If you’re a fan of cheap cocktails and make sure you make a stop at Bell’s Cocktail Bar. It’s one of the liveliest spots in Protaras, with the bar’s electric atmosphere and excellent DJs enticing nearly everyone that passes by. If you’re looking for something a bit more laidback, you could always enjoy a glass of world-class local wine at a seafront restaurant as you watch the sunset, or lounge out at a resort pool bar.


Limassol city
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Prior to Ayia Napa’s ascension to being the party capital of Cyprus, Limassol gives it a proper run for its money. Considering it’s the second biggest city on the island, Limassol’s dynamic nightlife comes as no surprise and even young locals revel in the evening entertainment on offer here. 

As a matter of fact, Limassol used to hold the title of the most exciting nightspot on the island. Nowadays, it’s a lot more relaxed in comparison to Ayia Napa, but it still has more than enough bars, clubs, and cafés to melt any party animal’s heart. Generally, the nightlife is centered around refined lounge bars, gourmet cocktail lounges, casual clubs, and live music, with most venues staying open into the early hours. 

There’s no shortage of bars and clubs to visit in Limassol, but the 7 Seas has to be one of our favorites. This live music venue boasts a chic, contemporary design, along with masterfully crafted cocktails and a seemingly endless list of exciting events, which has turned it into quite the hotspot.


Capital of Cyprus
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With its incredible beaches, jaw-dropping landscapes, delicious cuisine, and diverse cultural scene, Nicosia in Cyprus is the place to be if it’s a unique Mediterranean experience you’re after. As the capital and biggest city, it has a rich and diverse nightlife too, and we can confidently say that you’ll find a bar to suit every preference. 

Visiting the Old Town is an excellent option if you’re looking to unwind with a drink at a bar. You’ll find several venues within walking distance of each other, so you could even indulge in a bit of pub crawling. We strongly encourage you to visit Swimming Birds. It’s a very charming and bar/coffee shop that offers an excellent blend of music, cocktails, and hospitality. 

You could also check out Sarah’s Jazz Club for something different and enjoy live bands in a sultry speakeasy setting. These kinds of clubs are far and few between in Cyprus, but you’ll find a wide variety of bands playing all kinds of Jazz here, in addition to a great atmosphere, and good beer and wine selection.

Coral Bay

Coastal views
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Coral Bay is a small seaside town nestled among the unique architecture and vineyards of northwest Cyprus, located just seven miles up the coast from Paphos. Although quiet outside of season, Coral Bay has become especially popular with the 18 to 30s age demographic, due to its boisterous nightlife in the summer months and beachside location. 

The nightlife here is centered around Coral Bay Avenue, affectionately known as “The Strip”, which is a high street stretching out all the way to the beach that’s lined with venues. Most of the restaurants you’ll find here offer live entertainment in the evenings, with the menus typically consisting of either local, international, or Chinese cuisine. On the entertainment front, you can expect to find everything from traditional Greek music and dance, to more modern bands and singers, so you can rest assured that boredom is impossible. 

One of our personal Nicosia nightlife highlights is the Lola Bar, which offers both indoor and outdoor seating, along with world-class cocktails,  inviting decor, and a vibrant atmosphere. The Lost + Found Drinkery is another venue that’s well worth a visit though. It’s ranked among the top 50 bars in the world and boasts an extensive drinks selection, along with great music, and an amazing ambiance.

Is Cyprus good for partying?

Ayia Napa is the epicenter for partying in Cyprus and the resort town has earned the island quite the reputation as a nightlife hotspot. Still, Cyprus plays host to a number of other lively towns such as the vibrant capital of Nicosia, the second-largest city of Limassol, and Ayia Napa’s two neighbors, namely Larnaca and Protaras.

International DJs, world-class events, and endless nightclubs spread to all corners of the island and it is most alive from April to October, with things quietening down in the fall. Cyprus is a great place to party and a cheaper alternative to the Balearics and Greek isles.

What is the legal clubbing age in Cyprus?

In Cyprus, you can legally enter a nightclub at 16 years old, but you are not allowed to buy alcohol legally until 18. The legal drinking age used to be 17 but was increased in 2020, and the legal smoking age in Cyprus is also 18. 

Is there nightlife in Paphos?

Paphos can be a bit more chilled than Cyprus’s other main cities with a slower pace and chilled out crowds drawn in by its historical significance and cultural sights. Still, there might be a shortage of all-night raves, but there are plenty of spots to wet your whistle with a great selection of stylish hangouts, chic lounges, and atmospheric bars in the old town for visitors to choose from.  

When is the best time to visit Ayia Napa?

Cyprus’s warm Mediterranean climate means it’s a year-round destination for holidaymakers and temperatures rarely dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Still, things really kick off in the summer months, especially in Ayia Napa, when average highs sit in the mid-80s and the best club events are happening at every turn.

This happens to be the most expensive and busiest time on the island though, so if you don’t mind compromising on a few degrees, think about visiting Ayia Napa in April, May, or October. The shoulder seasons promise plenty of blue skies, fewer crowds, and better deals. What’s more, you might be lucky enough to catch the opening and closing parties at the best clubs.   

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