Nightlife In Paros: The 7 Best Bars And Clubs On The Island

nightlife in Paros

If you’re after the nightlife in Paros, then you’ve come to the right place. This in-the-know guide will run through seven of the top bars and clubs on the island. They’re the places that we think you simply cannot miss when it’s time to let loose and dance the night away on the hub of the whole Cyclades chain.

We’ve included something for a range of different travelers. Expect to find boho-chic chill bars with their own private beach; places that take a nod from Bali and Ibiza. Also expect local wine joints where you can chat in covered terraces on the harbor front after devouring tasty Greek mezze. And you get more classic 18-30s clubs inspired by happening resorts like Malia, Mykonos, and Kavos.

Generally speaking, the vibe on Paros is low-key and easy-going. There’s no out-and-out party town that you get on other isles like Rhodes or Corfu. But that doesn’t mean there’s no nightlife in Paros. The towns of Naousa and the historic harbor of Parikia are the main hotspots, and there are also some hidden-away venues in private beaches on the east and south coasts. Let’s take a look…

Punda Coast

nightlife in Paros
Photo by Despina Galani/Unsplash

There’s an air of the Balinese beach club about uber-cool Punda Coast. As the name implies, it’s sat right on the shoreline on the south-eastern side of the island, one bend around the headland from Logaras Beach. The bar occupies its very own stretch of shimmering sand just down the hill from charming Marpissa village – just look for the sign on the coastal road and follow it through the cottages until you reach the next bay along.

You can hardly miss it when you do get there. Punda is set over a series of al fresco terraces, starting with a huge area around the main bar and ending with a series of regimented rows of sunbeds right on the shoreline. In the summer, they will be marked out by thatched palm umbrellas. On the upper levels, an array of quirky painted teepee tents gives shaded lasers by the side of a big pool. That’s where to go for drinks, from the concrete-adobe bar spaces where the seasoned staff mix up all sorts of enticing tipples.

Punda should be seen as very much an all-day venue. It’s too far from the main towns to combine with other bars. Most people come early on and start drinking by the afternoon. During the day, the place is chill-hop central, with folks sunning themselves by the pool and swimming in the Aegean. When evening approaches, food is served – think a medley of fresh Greek seafood and more classic pub foods like club sandwiches – before the DJs and the dancing take over. It’s always good to book in advance as sunbeds can sell out at Punda Coast in the high season months.  

Pirate Bar

bar in Paros
Photo by Despina Galani/Unsplash

Oh, arr! Shiver me timbers and a bottle of rum! Welcome to Pirate Bar, a swashbuckling drinking hole that’s been going since the early 1980s. Yep, now a veritable icon on the line-up of nightlife in Paros, this one’s something of a right of passage for all partiers who head this way. And lots do pass this way, since the joint sits right on one of the main streets in the main harbor town of Parikia.

Truth be told, there’s not all that much that makes it worthy of the buccaneer-inspired name. Perhaps it’s down to the dark and shadowy interior, which mimics the underbelly of a sea ship from way back when? Or is it the upturned barrel tables that dot the al fresco area? Whatever, we don’t mind, because Pirate Bar is always vibrant, and always welcoming.

In fact, we’d put it down as the single best place to begin (and even sometimes end) that night out in Paros’s busiest town. Jazz and blues music is the order of the day, while mixed cocktails are served in alcove seating areas. Others will sit out on the street front, which is wedged into a stunning Greek alleyway in the heart of the town. Talk about atmosphere!

The Dubliner

Photo by Janosch Diggelmann/Unsplash

One of a quad of bars and clubs that all share the very same communal courtyard in Parikia, The Dubliner channels a little of that Gaelic passion down on the Greek islands. But it’s much more than just the place to go for your glug of Guinness Extra Cold and Irish stout. This one’s arguably the liveliest spot on the whole island. It’s been known to rumble on until sunup and has plenty of patrons thanks to the draw of its neighboring venues, which include Down Under and the Envy Club (more on that one later).

Music wise, you’ll get heavy-hitting Irish rock, Emerald Isle folk remixes, EDM tunes with a Gaelic twist, and even some foot-stamping shanties to really crank up the nostalgia for the land of the fairies. Very varied; very fun.

The Dubliner has more recently established itself as a fantastic place for watching sports on Paros. When it’s Six Nations time or there’s a Premier League or World Cup showdown that’s worthy of skipping the Paros beaches for, the guys here will fire up the big flat-screen TVs and drop the mixer volume for the crowds.

Envy Club

Birdseye view of Paros
Photo by Annie Spratt/Unsplash

Joined at the hip to the aforementioned Dubliner, Envy is probably the more hedonistic side of its Ireland-themed compadre. This one’s actually linked to another club complex that exists in the wild heart of the Greek capital of Athens. That means it has the rep to pull in pretty big DJ names and big-hitter EDM acts. You’ll know when one of those is around because the place is packed to bursting and tickets sell out fast.

There are oodles of different events on the calendar of Envy Club, though. Season start parties involve lots of neon and laser shows. There are regular dance shindigs with mainstream chart tunes. You might even catch the occasional fancy-dress evening. Other nights, the venue is nice and chilled.

Again, the really great thing about Envy Club is that it shares the same courtyard and complex as three other bars. Because each has its own drinks menu and music policy, you can simply hop between the lot in search of the vibe you’re after. Just don’t expect to leave before the sunrise starts creeping in!


nightlife in Paros
Photo by Thomas Bonnin/Unsplash

Vareladiko is the place that never ceases to party. It whisks you out from the harbor areas where most of the travelers stay to the charming town of Naousa on the north coast. After a day of seeing the paint-peeling fishing skiffs bobbing lightly in the harbor and touring the seafood tavernas by the shoreline, you can rely on this one to crank up the energy factor.

It’s a darn stylish place, that’s for sure. Get ready for whitewashed concrete walls and paved walking areas, topped by island bars where champagne flutes and fluted cocktail glasses dangle overhead. There’s some shade (not that you’ll need it post 11pm) provided by the twisted cabbage palms, while seating is on communal stoop tables with long benches.

But you didn’t come to Vareladiko to sit down, right? Of course not. This one’s among the most famous all-nighter options on the island, up there with the heaviest party spots of all the nightlife on Paros. DJs spin electronica and remix tunes with a hint of the local Greek charts about them, helping to bring in a crowd of visitors and locals alike.

Moraitis Vinothéque

Paros at night
Photo by Clement Souchet/Unsplash

After something a little more chilled from the nightlife in Paros? Cue Moraitis Vinothéque. This refined wine bodega is a far cry from the gyrating dancefloors of clubs like Envy and Vareladiko. In fact, it’s positively upscale, offering a dimly lit and romantic drinking space on the flagstone floors of handsome Naousa, often plumed in bougainvillea and set to the sounds of light piano jazz.

If that sounds more like your scene, then get ready for it to get even better. That’s because the bar here is linked to the island’s own Moraitis Vineyard. All the tipples are sourced straight from the cellar doors that lurk up in the hinterland of Paros. You’ll be able to sample interesting reds and whites that showcase the unique terroir of the Cyclades region. We especially love the Monemvasia grape varieties that bring crispness and freshness to a balmy Aegean evening.

Hungry? Moraitis Vinothéque also does fantastic food. It’s an eclectic mix of nibbles and plates that range the Mediterranean basin. Prepare for oiled mozzarella, deep-fried breadsticks, local white cheeses, fruit salads, avocado bruschetta – the list goes on.


Paros nightlife
Photo by Fabien Bazanegue/Unsplash

Some nights, Koukoutsi (sometimes spelled Koukoutoi) is positively brimming with life. Other times it’s pretty relaxed. We can’t figure out what drives the crowds here on occasion, but it seems like a random happening. Either way, it hardly matters, because there’s something to be said for rowdy evenings and chilled people-watching sessions here. Both are great.

One of the main reasons for that is that Koukoutsi sits smack bang in the heart of Parikia. It occupies a nook of the main piazza, so you’re never going to be shy of local life to gaze at while you sip away at that cold beer or gritty Greek coffee.

A lot of people – both travelers and native Paros islanders – will drop in because Koukoutsi is known for its range of raki and ouzo. If those regional tipples are the sort of thing you love, then the selection that’s behind the bar here will not disappoint. They can be matched with small-plate nibbles and a backing track of Greek folk music from decades gone by.

Does Paros have good nightlife?

Paros has a fairly decent nightlife. It’s not the uber-hedonistic scene that you find on other islands close by, like Mykonos or Ios, for example. However, there are some great bars and clubs, mainly around the bustling harbor area and the port town of Naousa up on the north coast.

Where is the best place to party on Paros?

There are two main hubs when it comes to nightlife in Paros. The first is the bigger town of Parikia, situated on the west coast close to the marinas and ferry ports. The second is Naousa. Look for that one on the north coast, offering more chilled bars and tavernas that are frequented by locals as much as travelers. Finally, for beach parties, there’s nothing that can match the energy of Punda Coast on the eastern shoreline.

How many days do I need in Paros?

That all depends. You can spend relaxed, two-week holidays in the dusty hills of central Paros if you like. But folk also enjoy two-day stays in the port towns before whizzing off to another island in the Aegean. For exploring the nightlife alone, we’d say about two or three evenings is perfect.

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