Santorini Best Breakfast: 9 Places to Start Your Greek Day

santorini best breakfast

As you might imagine, there are some pretty darn stunning locations to start the day on this rugged volcanic island. Yep, the Santorini best breakfast spots here range from traditional Greek cubist cafés high on the cliffs to hidden tavernas nestled in the back alleys. Lots even have sweeping views of the caldera – the heart of Santorini island that’s now flooded with the glistening blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Talk about a view that’ll wake you up!

In this guide, we’ll take a look at nine of Santorini’s best breakfast venues. We’ll hop from the wave-lapped beaches of the east coast to the famous white villages of the west, searching out some fantastic places with opening hours more suited to the sunrise than the sunset.

There are some good options in the mix – think artisan donut stores with goji berry yogurt mashups to bespoke breakfast delivery services that will send your avo and sourdough straight to your honeymoon suite. There are also plenty that favor the local Cycladic kitchen and use only regional ingredients. Enjoy…

La Scala

Santorini morning
Photo by nextvoyage/Pixabay

La Scala simply has to be on any list of Santorini’s best breakfast options. Why? Well…we’d say that this all-day restaurant-bar mashup has some of the finest views of all. It juts out of the side of Fira town, spreading onto a stone-topped terrace that casts its gaze directly westward over the volcanic isles of the Santorini caldera. In the distance, you can just about make out the isle of Therasia through the heat haze, along with the white-painted cottages of Oia village to the north.

Then you have the food. La Scala starts the day by offering a dedicated breakfast menu. It includes loads of staples that are sure to appeal to the wealth of international travelers who hit Santorini every summer – think scrambled eggs, omelets with cheese, full English platters, and a whole load more. If you happen to come a little later, you might prefer the lunch medley of toasted sandwiches and Santorini’s homegrown veg salads.

Mes Amis

Oia in the morning
Photo by Michelleraponi/Pixabay

Perfectly located on the high clifftops on the main road running out of Oia on Santorini’s northern shoreline, Mes Amis is another go-to breakfast choice on this famous island. Again, we think it’s the view that really steals the show here. How could it not? You’re talking sweeping 180-degree panoramas that encompass the glistening waters of the Aegean Sea below and the craggy bluff of Skaros Rock to the west. It’s simply awesome.

More than anything, Mes Amis is a casual coffee shop come café. They’re best known for their sweet pancakes, fresh Greek yogurt and honey combos, and bowls of homemade granola with fruits. However, there are also a few bulkier meals for those planning on hitting the hiking trail between here and Fira, in the form of scrambled eggs with bacon and banana crepes with chocolate.

The coffee is also particularly wonderful at Mes Amis. They do all sorts, from iced coffees with whipped-cream tops to traditional Greek coffees with the grit still in the bottom to Italian-inspired espresso served on the lookout patio. Mmm.

Lila Café

Fira in morning
Photo by H Fall/Unsplash

Lila Café is another of the Santorini best breakfast options in the bustling town of Fira. Set high above the port area, but not far from where the donkey paths finish zigzagging up from the jetties below, it’s a great choice if you’re just hopping off a ferry from Athens or elsewhere and want a bite to eat.

One of the specialties here is the fluffy all-day pancake breakfast. They can be topped with highland berries, summer fruits, and all manner of sweet syrups. They match perfectly with a strong Greek coffee or a creamy milkshake and are served from opening at 10am all the way to close at 9pm (that’s good news for the late risers).

Once you’re done at Lila, be sure to spend some time wandering the promenade and shopping precinct that surrounds it. That’s home to all sorts of boutique summer clothes shops and sea-inspired jewelry stores, along with a wealth of smaller espresso holes-in-the-wall and ice-cream parlors (just in case the tummy’s still rumbling!).

Confetti Dessert Boutique

Morning swim in Santorini
Photo by jimmy teoh/Pexels

Calling all sweet-toothed travelers…the Confetti Dessert Boutique is bound to have something to get you excited. It’s one of the rare Santorini best breakfast or brunch spots that’s located in the small village of Imerovigli. Look for it on the narrow alleys that lead west out of the center. There might not be too much of a view there, but it’s a lovely setting between the white-painted Greek cottages and blue-tinged church domes.

When it comes to the grub, the name says it all – this one’s all about sugar-packed cakes and traditional Balkan dessert dishes. The mainstay options include thick, fluffy pancakes decorated with strawberries and local mountain honey, along with cherry-topped cupcakes with cream. There’s also a hint of Paris about it, what with those meticulously crafted macaroons.

The folk at Confetti Dessert Boutique make handmade ice cream, too. We’ve heard rumors that it’s some of the best on the whole island of Santorini, so consider dropping by if you happen to be passing Imerovigli’s way no matter the time of the day!

Santa Irini Bakery

Greek pastry
Photo by kbmars/Pixabay

There’s always a hustle and bustle about the Santa Irini Bakery in Perissa town each morning. A favorite haunt of the locals, the early-rising bakers here churn out a medley of classic Greek pastries ready for a 5am opening time. That makes it the perfect pitstop for a cup of joe and a cake if you’re headed out on a boat trip or an expedition to explore the ruins of ancient Akrotiri for, example.

We especially love the crispy filo packets that burst with crumbly feta cheese, but there are also tomato-topped pizza breads and hard-cheese pasties brimming with mountain goat’s milk curd and spinach. And that’s not even mentioning the array of sweet options, which include sugar-coated croissants, dipped butter biscuits, donut rings – you name it.

The real reason we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Santa Irini Bakery is because the spot is something of a legend on Santorini. It’s still owned by the same family that opened it way back in 1936, and everything is cooked on site to timeless recipes that have been passed down through the generations. It’s Greece through and through!    


Perissa Beach
Photo by Pat_Scrap/Pixabay

Everyone’s heard about the fabled sunsets of Santorini. But what about sunrise? Well…to catch them you’ll need to head to the eastern half of the island. It’s nowhere near as popular as the caldera rim around Fira and Oia but does have its own charms. It’s also where you’ll find the laid-back café-bar of Seaside, perched just behind the sands of Agios Georgios town.

The spot doesn’t open until 10am in the morning, so it’s more for the late-risers and the brunch goers. When it does, you can grab one of the thatch-topped cabanas right on the shore, where you’ll be able to dip in and out of the Aegean while waiting for your coffee. Alternatively, there’s a chic interior done out with whitewashed adobe walls and rattan furniture, fusing a touch of Bali with the Greek island vibe.

The menu offers some tasty brunch dishes that are based around the fresh Mediterranean kitchen. Examples: Grilled veg with talagani cheese, Moroccan salads with soya sprouts and crab meat, tzatziki and seabass ceviche. It’s a far cry from the usual fried eggs on toast but promises to be creative and different.              

Donkey Donuts

Santorini town
Photo by nextvoyage/Pixabay

You can’t really miss Donkey Donuts. Despite been tucked into the streets back from the beaches of Perissa on the less-visited eastern half of Santorini, the joint is marked out by bright yellow, teal, and red colors, a big inflatable donut ring, and a dangling sign decorated with a forever-smiling donkey.

There are seats both inside and out, with the al fresco terrace enjoying the shade of a crooked plane tree and views of the surrounding peaks. It’s a cracking spot to sit and people watch, as the street there is one of the main roads linking Perissa to the rest of the island. There will be families dressed for a day on the beach heading in one direction; folk geared up for boat trips on the caldera going in the other.

The food here is actually surprisingly complex. Combos of yogurt and goji berries are on offer for those who like a healthy start to the day, while the in-house donuts are served with sides of dipping sauce. Of course, there are plenty of coffee options to accompany the sweet cakes to boot. What’s more, it’s all served nice and quick, making this one of the Santorini best breakfast spots for those in a hurry.


Greek breakfast
Photo by Dana Tentis/Pexels

Caper channels a little of that high-class dining that islands in the Cyclades – most notably Mykonos – are known for and directs it at the morning meal. For us, it’s the one place we think every brunch aficionado simply has to hit up. Nope, Santorini best breakfast options hardly come slicker or more creative than this…

But the quirks don’t stop there. Caper doesn’t actually have a physical location on Santorini. You don’t have to drive over as early as possible and join the queue to wait for a table. Nope. This one’s all about pre-ordering and kicking back while the chefs rustle up the meal and send it your way. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a hotel booking that doesn’t include breakfast.

The menu is packed to bursting with seasonal ingredients and everything can be tailored to your personal tastes. Options run the gamut from cold-cut charcuterie boards to bespoke granola and yogurt Buddha bowls. Oh, and Caper also do tailor-made wine-tasting packages direct to your hotel door, not that we’re suggesting you get on the booze before midday, of course!

3B’s All Day Restaurant

Santorini in low light
Photo by Nextvoyage/Pexels

Although the northern town of Oia is probably more associated with high-class honeymoon hotels than bargain breakfast joints, 3B’s All Day Restaurant is all about bucking the trend. It hides in the narrow back alleys of the village a few turns away from the main promenade and the clifftop lookout points. There, it spills out onto the sun-scorched cobbles to offer a series of al fresco tables.

The menu is simple but checks a lot of boxes. Super hungry? Go for the half English breakfast, a combo of grilled bacon rashers, fried eggs on crunchy toast, and green salad. Prefer something light to start the day? There are yogurt bowls with Greek honey, or flavored coffees doused in hazelnut syrup.

When the early hours change into the afternoon, 3B’s All Day Restaurant manages to stay busy thanks to its lunch menu. The name of the game then? Burgers. They can come stacked and infused with melted cheese, topped with onion rings, and sided with fried potatoes.

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