The 7 Best Beach Clubs in Marbella Spain

best beach clubs in marbella spain

Boasting sandy beaches washed by the turquoise waters of the Med, vistas of the Sierra Blanca in the back, and a lovely, whitewashed old town, Marbella really is a standout. What was once a sleepy fishing village is now one of the most glamorous destinations on the Costa del Sol. And that means there are lots of stylish venues to enjoy. So, what are the best beach clubs in Marbella, Spain?

Whether you’re looking for a spot to laze in the sun while sipping a colorful cocktail, want to rub shoulders with celebs in a luxurious resort, or party by the pool with champagne in hand, there are oodles of places dotted along Marbella’s coastline. With so many on offer, choosing the best one is not an easy task…

But there’s no need to panic – we’ve got you covered. This guide to the best beach clubs in Marbella, Spain, will talk you through the seven most outstanding venues in the area. From chic sitting areas to panoramic vistas and mouthwatering food, we’ve listed the things that make these places stand out from the crowd. So, here’s where you should head this summer…

Nikki Beach Marbella

beach club in marbella
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Nikki Beach is up there with the best beach clubs in Marbella, Spain – one of the hottest destinations on the shimmering Costa del Sol. This open-air venue has been running for nearly 20 years. It has established itself as one of the chicest spots in the area with fantastic beach parties on top.

Nikki’s interior fits perfectly with the color scheme of Andalusian whitewashed villages. Expect comfy, white sunbeds spread between the palm trees on the soft, golden sands. There are also stylish rattan sofas with cushy pillows and plenty of small, wooden tables. That’s all separated from other beach venues by a leafy hedge that provides that all-important privacy.

You can also opt for a bed or a table around the pristine, infinity pool. It’s on a decking raised from the beach. There are also plenty of seats in the restaurant area for those that need some protection from the scorching south Spain UV. You should bear in mind that children are not allowed in the pool, so it might not be the best option for families.

Nikki doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the menu. It includes plenty of fresh seafood, Mediterranean delicacies, sushi, salads, and pizzas. There is no shortage of veggie and vegan options either. You can enjoy all that with a glass of crisp, white wine, or a refreshing beer. There is also an extensive cocktail list to get through.

Amare Beach Club Marbella

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Amare Beach Club is in a perfect location if you don’t want to travel away from Marbella town. This lovely beachfront venue is only 10 minutes’ stroll from the cobbled alleyways that wind around the enchanting old center. That makes it a prime place for relaxation after a long day of sightseeing.

This beach club is part of a luxurious, adult-only hotel but you don’t need to be a guest to enjoy what their classy lounging area has to offer. Everyone can book one of their comfy sunbeds on the sands or take a seat at one of the outdoor tables under the beige canvas. That said, you’re not allowed to go into the swimming pool unless you are staying at the hotel. But who needs a pool when you can walk along the wooden walkways straight into the sea, eh?

Amare also has you covered if you get hungry. From comforting snacks such as sandwiches or pizza to flavorsome, fresh seafood, there is something for everyone on their appetizing menu. They also have no shortage of drinks, like fancy cocktails, refreshing beers, and lots of local wines. The good thing is that Amare is cheaper than most other beach clubs, so it won’t break the bank.

La Cabane Beach Club

La Cabane
Photo by Chino Rocha on Unsplash

La Cabane is one of the most luxurious spots on the map of Marbella’s beach clubs. It’s where you might spot local celebrities or Instagram influencers posing for snaps in their brand-new summer kit. It’s also in a prime location just a few miles east of the town, right by the gentle waves of the Med.

It’s an elegant venue that doesn’t just serve as a glamorous beach club but also as a wedding venue. A large, turquoise pool overlooking the Med is the centerpiece of this spot. It’s surrounded by soft sunbeds and VIP loungers on each side. They’ve gone for a white and beige color scheme that contrasts amazingly with the turquoise of the water and the green of the palms above.

You can also reserve one of their neat tables in the restaurant area. Don’t worry, they all have awesome sea views. Their food and drinks might be on the pricier side, but it’s well worth it for the quality. They do large buffets for lunch and plenty of Mediterranean dishes on the regular menu. They also have a long list of cocktails.

Ocean Club Marbella

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If you’re looking for a sunny spot for beach parties in Marbella, look no further than Ocean Club. From liters of champagne to DJs and cocktails in the sun, this is one of the prime places for summer fiestas. It’s located on happening Puerto Banús beach, an area known for luxurious boutiques, fancy restaurants, and super yachts.

The parties don’t start till the evening, though, so there is plenty of time to relax and soak up the sun on one of their comfy sunbeds during the day. They’re lined up on a huge decking space that surrounds a salt-water pool in the center.

They also have a restaurant that specializes in fresh, Mediterranean cooking. The food is tasty and beautifully presented, but, like most things in Marbella, isn’t cheap. Prepare to spend some big dollars in this fancy venue, though we’d say it’s worth it for the experience. 

Beach Club Estrella del Mar

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Photo by Philipp Kämmerer on Unsplash

Beach Club Estrella del Mar comes as part of a five-star hotel on one of the best beaches in Marbella, Golden Beach. The club isn’t reserved for guests, though, so you can go ahead and book a sunbed in this beautiful location. A relaxing spa comes as part of a deal, too! 

They have a pristine, infinity pool with panoramic vistas of the turquoise seas and lush green palm trees. In front of that, they have lots of comfy sunbeds right on the sands under thatched umbrellas that go well with the beach vibes. You can also go for one of the beds on the grass around the pool if you’d prefer. 

The restaurant area is on the decking above. The menu includes fresh and healthy snacks with plenty of delicious treats straight from the sea. They also have you covered when it comes to the drinks. Don’t be shy to ask for whatever you fancy – wine, beer, cocktails.

Don Carlos Beach Club

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Don Carlos is a small beach club right next to the more popular Nikki. That means it also benefits from a serene location on the golden sands overlooking the sea and mountains in the distance. This place is more family-oriented, though, so you don’t need to worry about bringing your children along for a day in the sun.

They have a tropical exterior with an oasis-style pool surrounded by leafy palms and gardens. They also have plenty of deckchairs around there and out front on the sands. Feeling plush? Opt for the big VIP lounger. It’s got more privacy than all the other seating areas.

Like in most places in the area, the food in Don Carlos includes plenty of comfort snacks, from sandwiches to wraps and more refined Mediterranean dishes. Those are best with one of their refreshing cocktails or in-house wines.

La Sala By The Sea

marbella beach
Photo by Silviya Nenova on Unsplash

The place that closes our list of the best beach clubs in Marbella, Spain, is relaxing La Sala By The Sea. It’s a smaller venue than most, but no less exclusive. It’s located in a trendy area right by Puerto Banús Beach at Nueva Andalucía.

What makes this place unique amongst others is the selection of loungers they offer. From large double beds to classic cushy deckchairs and even some swim-up ones to soak up the sun, this small venue has a lot up its sleeve. The pool might not be as big as you get in other establishments, but the stylish exterior and location surely make up for it.

Their menu is a mix of Mediterranean classics and Asian specialties. From burgers to pad Thai to Caesar salads, this place has something for everyone. They also have a very long drinks list with a huge choice of champagne and cocktails.

Best beach clubs in Marbella Spain – our verdict.

There’s no shortage of places to relax and drink cocktails near the shoreline on the sunny Costa del Sol. We’ve tried to pick out the very best beach clubs in Marbella, Spain, by skimming the list down to a mere seven. You’ll notice that most of these places have pristine swimming pools for those not so keen on swimming in the sea. The majority of the venues are a short drive from Marbella, but there is also a spot that you can walk to from the old town. 

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