Is Benidorm Expensive? Average Travel Costs in 2024

is Benidorm expensive?

The sparkling seaside resort on Spain’s Costa Blanca has long been a tourist hub, widely popular with Brits and the Irish and renowned for its nightlife. Cheap local prices and attractive package deals have drawn foreigners to the Mediterranean shores since the 1960s, but popularity has made prices skyrocket, and you’re probably wondering, is Benidorm expensive? 

The world-famous Benidorm was once a lowly fishing village, but now high-rise hotels and skyscraping buildings fringe the seafront. The town is also a stone’s throw from the provincial capital of Alicante and in reaching distance of some of Spain’s best natural wonders, but Benidorm itself is a playground for adults and there’s nothing you can’t do.

English pubs, Cabaret shows, adrenaline-fueled water sports, and sun-lounger-laden beaches, there’s something for everyone but it all comes at a price. From the all-inclusive hotels to the pints of lager, our guide looks at all the costs of a holiday to Benidorm and some money-saving tips for the southeast coast. It might be one of Spain’s most popular spots with ex-pats, but Benidorm doesn’t have to break the bank and we’re here to show you how. Let’s go. 

The average cost of a holiday to Benidorm

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Rising European averages and economic crises have threatened Spain’s reputation as a budget holiday destination. Popular nightlife hotspots like Ibiza and the second city of Barcelona aren’t shoestring destinations by any stretch. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t cheap deals and authentic experiences to be had all over the country. 

Benidorm is one of these characteristically cheaper towns and always has been, with low costs being a huge reason for the influx in tourism in recent decades. So how much exactly should you budget for your trip to the jewel of the Costa Blanca?   

The average price for a seven-day stint in Benidorm, all things included, is around €1,129 ($1,230) for a solo traveler, €2,028 ($2,225) for a couple, and €3,803 ($4,172) for a family of four. That encompasses travel, food, and accommodation while getting the most out of all Benidorm’s activities. This makes Benidorm over eight percent cheaper than Valencia, 18 percent cheaper than Marbella, and even five percent cheaper than the nearby provincial capital of Alicante

Still, these numbers could all differ greatly depending on what you want to get out of your holiday. In fact, you can get by on €60 ($66) a day with little trouble, but that’s if you know where and how to pinch pennies. Let’s look at a round-up of some day-to-day expenses in Benidorm before we see how you can save:

Price (EUR)Price (USD)
Mid-range Meal (restaurant)€20$22
Takeaway Cappucino (restaurant)€1.90$2
Coke Bottle (supermarket)€1.50$1.65
Water Bottle (supermarket)€1.12€1.23
Algar Waterfall Tour (half-day)€20$22
Vacation Rental (One Night)€110$120

Is Benidorm expensive to visit? Getting there

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Before you go anywhere, the most important thing to consider is how you will get there. There’s nothing worse than booking an attractively cheap hotel before finding out you’ll need a costly three-hour airport transfer to reach it or to jump on a ferry to a private island after your flight. Luckily, Benidorm with its mainland location on the convenient Costa Blanca is easy to reach, but prices depend on where you’re coming from.

Benidorm is strategically located just 60 kilometers from Alicante airport, and if you’ve got time to kill, this is a great excuse to check out the provincial capital. A taxi ride will take you around 40 minutes to Benidorm from Alicante and cost an average of €70 ($77) on the meter. This is more reasonable than some areas in Spain but still probably more expensive than your flights if you’re coming from Europe. If you want to save some real cash, Benidorm is even better connected than this. There’s a nifty tram service that runs from the airport to the center where most hotels are located. Better yet, it costs just €6 ($6.50) for a single journey. It might take just over an hour, but the route is scenic and hassle-free and makes Benidorm easy to reach.

If you’re flying from the UK, you also might be able to snatch up a great deal on your flights. Returns to Benidorm can cost as little as €60 ($66) from London, and even less in the low season. Benidorm is also known for its all-inclusive deals and you’re likely to find a hotel package with low-cost flights included in the price. Flying from other European countries shouldn’t be dissimilar, averaging at less than €150 ($164) for returns. But the easiest way to reach Benidorm from major European cities is on the high-speed RENFE train to Alicante. This can cost as little as €13 ($14) each way from other Spanish cities and €30 ($33) from outside the country. Then it’s just the matter of hopping on the tram from Alicante to Benidorm for less than 10 bucks. 

If you’re coming from further afield, expect steeper costs that are subject to change. Still, this should be the biggest expense of your Benidorm vacation so making the trip will be worth it.      

Accommodation prices in Benidorm

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After travel, accommodation will be the biggest pocket-burner, especially in Spain. There are no beachfront hostels with free breakfasts for $5 a night in Europe, at least not like the variety you can find in Southeast Asia. Still, Benidorm accommodation definitely doesn’t have to break the bank and budget hotels are what it does best. 

It’s not hard to find a bargain and the sky-rise resorts are the most popular places to stay. You’re more likely to struggle to find lodgings that aren’t saturated with tourists and boutique hotels are far and few. Still, there is good diversity and luxury options if you want to splash some cash, with most hotels even throwing in meals and entertainment with the price. No matter your budget, we’ve pulled together some options to suit everyone along Benidorm’s shores:

Apartamentos Michel Angelo ($) – These self-contained apartments are just 600 yards from the beach. Save money and enjoy home-cooked meals but with all the luxuries of a hotel with access to a shared pool and maid service from €55 ($60) a night.   

Hotel El Palmeral ($) – Located two minutes from the bustling Poniente Playa, this charming family-run hotel is the epitome of Benidorm charm, complete with a buffet restaurant and private pool. Prices start at €68 ($74) a night, but guests can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner for as little as €87 ($95) a day included in the price of a twin room.  

Helios ($$) – Helios is one of the most popular three-star resorts in Benidorm complete with a gym, sauna, large shared pool, and balcony rooms. Get breakfast, lunch, and dinner included in the rate for as little as €102 ($111) a night, which usually starts at €86 ($94) for a twin room.  

Gatrohotel Boutique RH Canfali ($$$) – Located in the old town with undisturbed sea views, Gastrohotel is near all the bars and restaurants of the city center but offers a little slice of paradise for adult guests, one minute from the beach. Rooms start at €115 ($126) with breakfast included.

Is Benidorm expensive for food?

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When you can eat at your hotel for as little as $20 a day, eating out seems a totally unnecessary expense in Benidorm. But not everyone opts for all-inclusive and the thriving restaurant scene is one reason why you might want to take the matter of your daily dining out of your hotel’s hands and into those of the British restaurant owners.

It’s true that Benidorm is teaming with British pubs and eateries serving English favorites to home-sick revelers. But it also has all manner of global cuisine and the hardest food to find is probably Spanish, believe it or not. 

So how much can you expect to spend and do where the dishes come from have an impact on price? In countries all over the world, you might find that street food and local dishes are among the cheapest, while “western” favorites can be twice that. Yet, in Benidorm, the English theme doesn’t affect the cheap deals. 

An inexpensive meal, whether that’s a pub classic, a Chinese buffet, or a bowl of pasta costs around €9 ($10) per person. And if you want to eat out, a three-course meal in a mid-range restaurant for two people should only cost around €40 ($44). Towards the Poniente side of the center and away from the main tourist strip you can even find some traditional tapas bars serving small plates and cocktails for €4 ($4.40). Groceries are also characteristically cheap and cooking at home if you have a kitchen in your accommodation will help keep costs down. Whatever you want to eat in Benidorm, it’s inexpensive for foodies.    

When is the best time to visit?

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It won’t be a surprise to hear that high season in Benidorm is the most expensive time to visit. This is when thousands of tourists make the most of school holidays and annual leave for a few weeks in the summer sun. June to September is the main travel season for all of western Europe and Benidorm sees huge flocks of revelers heading to the beaches and reserving their sun loungers by the pool. 

Not only will visiting Benidorm be the priciest at this time, but you’ll have to book far in advance to find a good hotel and reasonable flights because things get snapped up quickly. 

The muggy and scorching summers are also overrated. Benidorm benefits from a Mediterranean climate and it is warm year-round. Winter temperatures rarely dip below 45 degrees Fahrenheit and the coastal spot receives very little rainfall. Spring temperatures hover around the high 60s from as early as February with plenty of blue skies. Beat the soaring high season prices and head to Benidorm between January and April, but be sure to avoid the scattered school holidays where tourist populations increase. 

Benidorm on a Budget: Our Top Money-Saving Tips

Still concerned about how to keep the pennies down? Check out our run-down of the top money-saving tips for visiting Benidorm. No matter your budget, there’s a holiday in Benidorm waiting for you.  

Travel in the shoulder seasons – The best way to find cheap flights and hotel deals is to travel outside the peak summer season from June to September and the Easter school holidays. Benidorm is always warm and there is always something going on, visit in Spring and pre-book far in advance. 

Go all-inclusive – Package deals are characteristic of Benidorm and with so many hotels in competition with each other, you’ll find great deals on all-inclusive meals and flights with your room rate. Shop around and compare prices, but the high-rise hotels could be your best bet for saving money.

Try alternative travel – If you’re not going all-inclusive and Benidorm is another stop on your Spanish adventure, don’t forget about the high-speed rail service, or RENFE, that runs all over Europe and stops at Alicante, which is just 60 kilometers by tram from Benidorm. 

Make the most of public transport – Everything is compact in Benidorm and walking is the cheapest way to get around, but it also has its own local tram and bus service that’s easy to use. Don’t waste money on overpriced taxis when local transportation costs just €1.50 ($1.64) each way.  

Drink at happy hour – With so many nightlife establishments going head to head to draw in revelers, you won’t find that alcohol is expensive at all. One way pubs attract customers is with great happy hour deals. Head to the British Quarter between 5 pm and 7 pm for two-for-one cocktails and free welcome drinks.   

Cook at home – There are so many restaurants in Benidorm that it won’t be hard to find food and drink within your budget. Still, the supermarket groceries are even cheaper, much more so than the Spanish average. Make the most of this and enjoy home-cooked meals a few nights of your holiday to really keep costs down. You can even get bottles of wine for €4 ($4.40) and beer for less than 70 cents. Start the party at home before hitting the strip for a real budget trick.   

Is Benidorm Expensive? Our Verdict

Despite price increases in recent years, Benidorm is still the cheap and cheerful coastal hotspot that it’s always been. Whether you’re in for an all-inclusive or hoping to uncover a different side to the resort town from a vacation rental on the outskirts, there are plenty of ways to save. It is much cheaper than many mid-range Spanish coastal destinations and you could get by on €600 a week in Benidorm with the tips in this guide. Among the cheapest places in the country to visit, but with all the amenities and tourist attractions you could want, you’ll struggle to find somewhere in Spain where your Euro goes further than Benidorm.   

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