Malaga Best Restaurants With A View: 9 Tasty Restaurants

Malaga Best Restaurants With A View

From the famous gazpacho to delicious fried fish and Jerez wine, Andalusian cuisine is known all over the world! Every city in the region has a variety of picturesque restaurants serving the most delicious food, and Málaga is no exception! But what are Malaga’s best restaurants with a view? 

This city is home to several restaurants famous not only for their food but for the spectacular view over the city. Whether you’re looking for fine dining facing the Mediterranean Sea, an informal place in the center of the city, or a spacious resort from which to admire the outskirts of Málaga, we got you covered! 

The restaurant we chose all serve different types of food ranging from fish, the indisputable protagonist in Málaga, to delicious tapas, exotic dishes, and local wines. Warning, this article will make your mouth water!

1. El Merendero de Antonio Martín

Overview of the city of Malaga when hiking in the mountains
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With the most beautiful terrace on Playa de la Malagueta, El Merendero de Antonio Martín is the perfect choice if you want to surprise your partner with a romantic dinner. Sit on the gorgeous terrace to have a stunning view of the sea, relax in the cozy lounge sipping a drink, or have a fun night with friends in the informal tapas area. 

Prices are in the middle range, and you will have to reserve, especially during the summer months, to be sure to get a table. El Merendero de Antonio Martín has been open for more than a century serving typical dishes of Andalusian cuisine. The specialty here is obviously fish, even though their menu also has a great selection of meat. 

You can start your meal with an appetizer of calamari with free-range egg and tartar sauce to then order the Gazpachuelo Malagueño, a typical fish soup with hake, clams, and Málaga prawn. Unfortunately, El Merendero de Antonio Martín does not have many dishes for vegetarians. So if you do not eat fish and meat, you better opt for another restaurant.

2. Restaurante Roof top ac hotel

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As the name suggests, Restaurante Roof top ac hotel has the most stunning view over Málaga! On one side, you’ll be able to see the modern buildings facing the Mediterranean Sea, while on the other, you will find the beautiful Montes de Málaga mountain range. No matter where you sit, you will surely have a breathtaking view of the city.  

Restaurante Roof top features a massive pool around which, in the summer, people like to sip their drinks while enjoying the view over Málaga. This restaurant is part of the AC Hotel Málaga Palacio but is open to everyone. Make sure to reserve a table before showing up. This place is often crowded and unless you book, you may have to wait for hours to get a table. 

Prices are expensive compared to other restaurants in the area, but it’s all worth it. You can start your meal with an Andalusia cheese selection and continue with a Galician beef tenderloin with mashed potato and seasonal mushroom stew. This restaurant also offers a great dessert menu with dishes, such as white chocolate tartlet with lime, cheesecake with cane honey, and creamy chocolate cake.

3. Batik

Portion of the Cathedral of Malaga
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If you like Mediterranean cuisine, the best option for you is Batik. This restaurant is located on the fourth floor of Premium Hotel and features a stunning terrace with a view over Castillo de Gibralfaro, one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city. The menu includes dishes typical of Mediterranean cuisine with touches from all over the world. 

Batik has a chill vibe, and here you will immediately feel at home. From the brick walls to the colorful couches and the titles on the floor, this restaurant is perfect for an informal dinner with friends. Batik will satisfy everyone’s taste with its cuisine with Italian, Japanese, and Mexican influences. Dishes here change often to use the freshest ingredients in season.

The menu includes dishes ranging from sushi to Mexican-Japanese bluefin tuna tartare and cacio e pepe puntalette pasta. Before leaving, make sure to order the local arroz con leche, meaning ‘rice with milk’. This is a Spanish version of rice pudding and is the perfect way to end your meal. 

4. El Balneario – Baños del Carmen

Buildings of Malaga facing the Mediterranean Sea
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Located about 7 minutes drive from the center of Málaga, El Balneario is more than a century old. This place dates back to 1918 when it first opened as an innovative resort. The project quickly became very successful, and more and more features were added to the resort, such as the outside pier, the restaurant, the open screen to watch movies, and the first tennis courts of the city. 

But it doesn’t end here. The history of El Balneario is intricate and full of surprises! In 1922, it became one of the most trendy places in Málaga. It featured the only football field in the city as well as a 2,000 meters dance floor. In the fifties, it even hosted the XI National Equestrian Competition! Today, El Balneario is known for its wonderful terrace on Playa Pedregalejo, from which you will be able to see the skyline of Málaga.

With the perfect balance between tradition and modernity, the menu of El Balneario will make your mouth water. Here you will find plenty of choices, but if you want to order something typical opt for the fish. From the whole grilled squid to the steamed mussels and the fried and marinated dogfish, if you like sea fruits, this is the place for you. 

5. Restaurante El Jardín

Portion of the Cathedral of Malaga
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Restaurante El Jardín is a unique restaurant characterized by a retro style. As soon as you walk in, you will feel like a movie star from a different era. The interiors are stunning and are decorated with colorful paintings, statues, and bronze figures. From the ancient drawings on the wall to the golden frames, and the plants hanging from the roof, the retro style of El Jardín will surely charm you!

If you studied Spanish, you will not be surprised to know that El Jardín is located next to the Cathedral of Málaga and its picturesque gardens. In fact El Jardín literally means ‘the garden’. You can choose whether to eat inside and marvel at the retro decorations or soak up the sun outside while admiring the beautiful cathedral and the green areas surrounding it. The menu offers typical food from Málaga and Cordoba. One of the signature dishes of El Jardín is the paella mista, but they also have a fantastic selection of fish and meat. 

But there’s another great reason why you should visit this restaurant. The best tango dancers from the regions frequently perform here! At El Jardín, you will be able to sip a strong glass of Spanish wine while enjoying a tango performance. Would you like to try your hand at this traditional dance? Then come here on Thursday evening when social dance events take place.

6. L’expérience

Roofs of Malaga at night
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Another marvelous restaurant from which you will be able to admire the Cathedral of Málaga is L’expérience. Here you can sit at an intimate table having the most lovely view over the facade of the Catedral de la Encarnación de Málaga, a building dating back to 1487. Make sure to get a table right in front of the church, order something fancy, and get the perfect Insta pic!

Prices are in the middle range, and the menu has an incredible selection of dishes that will satisfy everyone. This is also the ideal place for families as here kids can order meals such as the mini burger with cheese and caramelized onions. L’expérience also features a menu specifically designed for kids with croquettes, tenderloins, quail eggs, and potatoes. 

Vegetarians will also have a blast here! Unlike many other restaurants in the area, the menu of L’expérience is not merely based on fish and meat. From the baguette with camembert, caramelized onions, and honey to the mushroom risotto with truffle and parmesan aroma, vegetarians will have plenty of options to choose from! 

7. San Juan Terrace

View of the sea and the buildings from the Castillo de Gibralfaro
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There’s no better place to chill out than San Juan Terrace. Their wicker couch and the white decors, coupled with the many plants scattered all over the area, create the perfect relaxing location. A cocktail in your hand and the red roof tiles of Málaga surrounding you are what you deserve after a long working shift.

 From San Juan Terrace, you will be able to see some of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, such as the tower of the Church of San Juan, Monte the Málaga, and the Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón. This bar is located on the fifth floor of Málaga Premium Hotel and is open from Sunday to Wednesday from 3 pm to 1 am and from Thursday to Saturday from 3 pm to 2 am. 

Here you will be able to choose from a vast selection of cocktails, smoothies, beers, and coffee options, making this the perfect place for an afternoon break or a chat with friends in the evening. If you’re coming here at night, do not miss the chance to try one of their unique cocktails to see the experienced bartenders performing their tricks.

8. TORO Muelle Uno

View of the harbour of Malaga from Castillo de Gibralfaro
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Located in front of the harbor, Toro Muelle Uno is an elegant restaurant with a spacious terrace. From here, you will have a great view of both the sea and the skyline of Málaga. TORO Muelle Uno serves traditional Spanish tapas with an extra twist! 

This is the ideal place to try some meat as some of the signature dishes of TORO include Sirloin steak Angus and grilled Iberian pork with Padron green peppers and thyme potatoes. Here you will also find a great selection of fish, platters, and salads. 

If you would like to get to know Spanish cuisine, opt for the Gourmet Tasting Menu. These include five different dishes accompanied by local wines. Prices are in the middle range. 

9. Chiringuito Mami Beach

View of Malaga from above
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Located behind TORO Muelle Uno, you will find a more informal restaurant known as Chiringuito Mami Beach. This place opened in June 2009 and is located in Playas de la Malagueta, one of the main beaches of Málaga. Here you will be able to enjoy your meal sitting at a table placed directly on the sand. Take off your shoes and enjoy the sensation of the warm sand between your toes! 

Chiringuito Mami Beach serves several salads, grilled meat dishes, fish, and plenty of different varieties of paella. Prices are more affordable than most restaurants in the area, making this the best diner with a view for those on a budget. Enjoy a salmon salad with a refreshing bottle of beer, or try an Aperol Spritz accompanied by fries and nachos! 

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