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best breakfast in seville

Welcome to our guide to Seville’s best breakfast options. It runs through the finest cafes and morning eats that the city can muster, with choices for health-conscious travelers and city breakers who need hearty meals of eggs and bread and strong coffee to fuel their sightseeing through the uber-famous Casco Antiguo.

The good news is that there are loads of options in this buzzy city. In fact, there are WAY too many excellent places to list in a single guide to the Seville best breakfast venues. It can seem like every turn in every street of the Andalusian capital reveals another tempting bar or roastery serving tostadas and churros.

Anyway, we’ve whittled the umpteen options down to just seven here. Most of them are within easy reach of the Centro district – the most likely place you’ll stay. Others are a more local affairs that you’ll have to search a little harder to discover. So, without further ado: The top Seville best breakfast options for your next trip…

Confitería La Campana

Confitería La Campana
Photo by Confitería La Campana

Confitería La Campana has been serving the good people of Seville since way back in 1885. It looks the part, what with its turn-of-the-century wrought-ironwork and wooden façade, all picked out with gold lettering and vintage signage. Just walking inside is like hopping back through the decades. Notice the elaborate stucco work on the walls, the Art Nouveau decorations behind the bar, and the traditional parquet flooring.

The name of the game at the Confitería La Campana has to be the cakes. There are cakes big and small. There sweet ones and savory ones. There are chocolate ones and sponge ones. Specialties that are great for breakfast include the Chantilly cream bites and the lenguas de gato de almendras, a long, thin biscuit topped with sugar and almonds.

You’ve got two choices when it comes to dining here: Inside or on the go. Staying in can be tricky sometimes as there are only a couple of tables. There are a few more on the patio out front if the weather allows, though. However, most locals will drop in, smash back a coffee and a cake at the counter and be on their way.

Casa Moreno

A cup of coffee
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Often hailed as one of the best-kept local secrets of Seville, Casa Moreno is a true bout of real Andalusian character. It’s one of the oldest examples of an ultramarino (a bustling mashup between a bar and a grocery store) still operating in the city. Look for it nestled in narrow Calle Gamazo, just south of the Centro area.

There aren’t really any menus to be heard of. You just order what comes to mind. Truth be told most of the regulars know what they want, and the bar staff knows it just as well. So, you’re going to stick out like a sore thumb when you drift through into the gallery kitchen that’s behind the main shopping area.

Common options for that media mañana (a brunch-time snack) are tostadas with Iberian ham and tomato-topped bruschetta. Don’t shy away from going for a morning wine here if you fancy it, too – the locals certainly don’t!

Parcería Café

Parcería Café
Photo by Parcería Café

Parcería Café is one for the true coffee buffs out there. Chic and stylo, it counts itself among the new breed of proper roastery cafés in the city. That means the beans are pretty much what you’d expect: Fantastic. You can pick from a number of different brewing styles, including normal filter coffee, V60s, and even cold brew, which is perfect on a balmy south Spain morning.

The breakfast menu makes for pretty mouthwatering reading. Healthy options include the granola with honey and seasonal fruits. You’ve got waffles topped with organic butter and a dollop of pistachio ice cream. There are even smoked tuna sarnies and pastrami with ricotta if you’re feeling extra hungry.

The interiors are typically boho. They fuse minimalist whitewashed walls with Pop Art-style décor and vintage tables. One thing to know: Parcería Café is 100% a laptop-free zone. It’s not one for the digital nomads in Seville.

La Cacharrería

Traditional Spanish breakfast
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Tucked down the meandering lanes of Calle Regina in the heart of the Seville old town, La Cacharrería is a breakfast and brunch spot that offers plenty of character. It’s known primarily for its range of local tostadas – crunchy breads with various toppings that include boiled eggs, Iberian ham, tomatoes. However, you can get a whole load more and much of it is prepared right here on site.

Special mention should be made of the smoothies. Packing in the bounty of the local Andalusian farms, they come with infusions of orange and lemon and grapefruit. Coffees are hardly artisan but hit the spot with their frothy heads of cappuccino foam.

When it comes to design, the spot is a ramshackle hit of nigh-on surrealist art and decoration. Strange frames and zig-zag neon lights adorn the walls. There are eye-catching graffiti murals here and there. The best seating for us has to be the limited array of small tables right out front – they are top for people watching on a sunny morning.

Doña Carmen

Chocolate churros
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The folks at Doña Carmen specialize in one thing and one thing only: Churros. Yep, those sweet pastries deep fried and topped with chocolate are the piece de resistance in this causal downtown eatery. You’ll smell them first as you navigate through the postbox-wide lane of Calle San Eloy on the western side of the Casco Antiguo (the Seville old town).

We think the best choice is a bout of plain churros and a strong coffee. That’s as simple as it gets and the way that the locals eat in the morning hours in these parts. However, you can go for some more elaborate tapas plates to boot, including spicy potatoes in tomato sauce and vegetable frittata.

Don’t expect any fancy design in Doña Carmen. The place is sort of Spain’s answer to the old-school milk bars of Communist Poland. It’s simple, stripped-down and comes without any bells and whistles. But the food is good and hearty and that’s what matters.

Cafe Otto

Healthy fruit bowl breakfast
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Cafe Otto is a relaxed little plaza bar tucked somewhere into the northwestern reaches of the Seville old town. It’s popular with the local student crowd and offers a menu of simple but tasty breakfast dishes that include tostadas breads, fruit bowls, and healthy granola-yoghurt mixes.

One thing that Cafe Otto does bring to the table that you can struggle to find elsewhere in downtown Seville is the full English breakfast. The chefs here do plates of scrambled egg with toast, sausages, and beans – you know, if you simply can’t imagine a city break without the fry up you’re used to back at home!

The setting is very easy on the eye, what with breezy, bright interiors that have wood-look tiles that help make everything seem more spacious than it really is. Again, the top seating is the most sought-after. It’s just out front, topping a compact, cobblestone square where there is plenty of people watching to do.

Almazen Café

Almazen Café
Photo by Almazen Café

Hidden in a nook of Calle San Esteban on the eastern side of the old center of the city, Almazen Café is now flying the flag for healthy morning eats. The menu has all the conscious foodstuffs you might want. Granola yoghurts? Check. Smoothie bowls with chia seeds? You bet. Fruit platters that burst with slices of local oranges and apples? Oh yep!

But that’s not it. There are also choices for morning diners who are really feeling the hunger pangs. They come in the form of bagels with smoked salmon and avocado, scrambled eggs with fresh crusty bread, and local Andalusian ham sandwiches.

The coffee here is a cut above some of the more causal places in the city, too. That’s mainly down to the slight hipster bent of the clientele, who tend to prefer single-origin roastery beans over your ubiquitous Robusta machine brew. There’s no outside seating but there are some little alcoves cut into the walls by the windows.

The Seville best breakfast options – our conclusion

There are loads of Seville best breakfast options for travelers on the hunt for something special from that morning grub in the capital of the Andalusia region. From centuries-old tapas joints that serve crispy regional tostadas to chilled cantinas that churn out plates of tasty churros one after the other, there’s all sorts to pick from.

This guide scours the city to pick out the seven that we think you should have on the menu first. It’s got historic pastry shops like the lovely Confitería La Campana but also all-new cafés that focus on nailing top-quality coffee. There are also health-food options for those watching the calories or wanting to sample Seville’s famous orange juice.

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