The 6 Best Party Destinations in Spain for Nightlife

Best Party Destinations in Spain for Nightlife

Spain is a dream destination for so many different reasons. Pristine sandy beaches with glorious snorkeling opportunities. Delectable food culture that will take your taste buds on a whole other trip. And, let’s not forget, the nightlife in the very best party destinations in Spain.

The best Spain party destinations all share the same rituals. Spanish people typically eat dinner very late, at 9pm, 10pm, or even later. The clubs never get busy before midnight, and many people only show up after 2am. And then the party keeps going until sunrise.

There are lots of popular party destinations in Europe, including Croatia and Portugal. But once you get a taste of the 6 best party destinations in Spain below, you’ll never look elsewhere.

Madrid: party in the capital of Spain

Madrid's bustling nightlife make it one of the best party destinations in Spain
Madrid via Unsplash

As the capital, it’s no surprise Madrid is one of the best party destinations in Spain.

For the best party locations, head to Fuencarral. This is hands down the liveliest part of Madrid, at least at night. You’ll find a lot of disco bars with upbeat music, people from all over, and an unbeatable atmosphere. There’s definitely a venue that caters to your taste in music, whether that’s hip hop, electronic, or oldies. There is also no shortage of live concerts in the bars and restaurants throughout the city.

Of course, Fuencarral is far from the only place where you can party in Madrid. The city is full of parties, each offering something a little different:

  • Check out the Salamanca district for something a little more elegant
  • For rock and alternative pop, stroll around the Malasaña district
  • If you want to make friends from all around the world, go to the Huertas district
  • The Chueca district is known for its gay scene, as well as its techno clubs and designer bars
  • You might even catch a glimpse of a celebrity around Gran Via and Sol

Barcelona: best beachside party destination in Spain

Barcelona gives a new meaning to "party on every block"!
Barcelona via Pexels

With booze, beats, and beaches, Barcelona is another one of the best party destinations in Spain.

Las Ramblas will surely be on your itinerary for the day, but wait till you see it at night! The bustling yet relaxed atmosphere gets replaced by a buzzing vibe and music blasting out from every door that swings open. There is a wide range of clubs that specialize in every type of party you could imagine:

  • bar hopping
  • night tours
  • fiestas
  • boat parties
  • casual clubs
  • luxury parties

The same goes for the music — from R&B to Latin music and everything in between, you’ll be sure to find your tune. For more techno style, head to Eixample and Sant Gervasi – Santaló. If you yearn for alternative rock and indie sounds, then Poble Nou is the place to be. On the other hand, El Born will get you dancing to the latest trends, surrounded by innovative design.

Valencia: all the parties your heart desires

Valencia's Umbracle is one of the best party destinations in Spain
City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia via Pexels

Valencia can’t be missing from a list of the best party destinations in Spain.

There are countless spots where you can go to let loose and release your inner party freak. If you’d like to stick around the center, then head to one of these popular areas:

  • Barrio del Carmen
  • Plaza de Xúquer
  • Avenida de Aragón
  • Plaza Cánovas

But of course, that’s not even close to all the parties that Valencia has to offer. Eixample de Ruzafa offers a more alternative vibe, with small venues and independent music. For a truly one of a kind experience at Umbracle. This part of City of Arts and Sciences transforms from a museum to an impressive terrace bar. Its unique architecture, modern furniture, and towering palm trees will make for a night you’ll never forget!

Lastly, the Marina Real area is one of the best party destinations in the summer. It has lots of venues playing electronic music, but you can also find a huge latin dance party on the weekends at Akuarela club.

Gran Canaria: the all-in-one Spanish party island

Gran Canaria is perfect for beachside parties
Beach parties via Pexels

The Canary Islands alone offer a plethora of great holiday destinations for all tastes. But when it comes to the best party destinations in Spain, Gran Canaria is the island that takes it home.

With the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the city is a hotspot for Erasmus students. Wanna know a secret? A lot of them do Erasmus programs mainly to go party! It’s a little difficult to define a particular party district, because Gran Canaria has parties everywhere! Here are some venues that are worth checking out:

  • The Paper Club in the popular Triana district, a top choice for students
  • El Gallinero Café Arte, where there’s always a show, concert, or experimental theater going on
  • Charleston Café, the only place in town where you can get absinthe
  • Las Brujas, a converted manor house dating back to the 15th century
  • Sala Nasdaq, great for live concert enthusiasts

Make sure you don’t miss out on a boat party! For as little as 30 Euro, you can party all day and night on a boat. This usually includes refreshing dips in the sea, energetic music, and lots of interesting people. And perhaps best of all — unlimited drinks!

Ibiza: world-renowned clubs and DJs

Ibiza is one of the best party destinations in Spain
Ibiza party via Unsplash

Ibiza is probably the first place that pops to mind when people mention the best party destinations in Spain.

And for good reason! Ibiza really stretches the limitations of “night” life, with parties seemingly around the clock. Its stunning beaches and secluded bays offer a one-of-a-kind venue, and the best DJs in the world get the whole city dancing.

Though a relatively small island, not even the most diligent party-goer can possibly cover all of it. Choose a town depending on your taste:

  • Ibiza Town (Eivissa in Spanish) is a paradise for all party people, offering not just world-class night clubs but also history and culture. Popular clubs include Pacha, Lio, and Heart.
  • Playa d’en Bossa is the longest strip of beach on the island and is bursting with nightlife. The most famous nightclubs here are Ushuaia and Hi Ibiza.
  • San Antonio is an extremely coveted party destination in Ibiza, with the sunset strip and an array of restaurants, bars, and night clubs. Es Paradis and Eden are two of the most popular clubs. You can also visit beach clubs such as O Beach Ibiza and Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

Sevilla: the authentic Spanish party experience

Sevilla is one of the most beautiful party destinations in Spain
Sevilla via Unsplash

Sevilla no doubt deserves a spot on the list of best party destinations in Spain.

As the birthplace of tapas and flamenco, you’ll never lack entertainment – and delicious snacks! Though it’s not as often mentioned as a party destination as Ibiza, its list of great party districts is comparatively lengthy.

Alameda de Hércules was once a part of town people avoided, but now it’s the one all party goers flock to. Party to reggaeton at Carambolo, indie rock at Fun Club, or immerse yourself in the gay-friendly community at Obbio by Holiday.

The Alfalfa neighborhood is the go to party district for university students or anyone who wants to live it up. You’ll find a younger, more international crowd by the strip of bars leading to Discoteca Tokyo, or unwind with a calmer atmosphere at The Second Room. For an amazing view to go with your drinks, head up to the rooftop bars by the Cathedral or the Hotel Doña Maria Terrace.

If you can’t decide what you feel like, head to Calle Betis, a street lined with every type of music and atmosphere imaginable. This is the perfect place to go party hopping. On the other hand, the Triana district will give you a very unique party experience with flamenco performances. Finally, for a refined, elegant party style, visit the Alameda district, with rooftop bars and panoramic views.

While in town, try a taste of Agua de Sevilla (“Sevilla Water”) — bearing in mind it is far from being water! This Sevillan cocktail is made of pineapple juice, cava, whiskey, cointrea, and ice, and will help you make the most of your Spanish party holiday.


Which part of Spain is best for nightlife?

Spain has excellent nightlife throughout the whole country. But the southern area and coastal towns in particular offer the best combination for parties. They have mild weather, a young international crowd, and beach clubs with stunning views. Of course, you’ll also find a very high concentration of clubs and parties in the capital city of Madrid.

Does Spain have a vibrant nightlife?

Spain has an incredibly vibrant nightlife. Clubs offer every type of experience imaginable. This ranges from boat parties to bar hopping, flamenco shows and gay-friendly communities. There is music for every taste, with pop, alternative rock, indie, R&B, jazz, oldies, latin dance, and basically anything you can dance to.

Where do Spanish people go to party?

Spanish people party in practically every city. However, Ibiza has clubs of truly international reputation, bringing in the best DJs from all over the world. All the bigger cities also have excellent party opportunities. These, of course, include Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Sevilla.

What are the most popular party destinations in Spain?

Ibiza and Gran Canaria are both extremely popular party destinations. Both islands with a very young crowd, they have endless beach parties, boat parties, and clubs scattered throughout the city. You can find a mix of atmospheres, costs, and music styles — all you have to do is look!

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