Aruba vs Bermuda: The Complete Comparison Guide

Aruba vs Bermuda

Are you planning a tropical escape? Lucky you. The Caribbean is particularly known for its parties and glorious beaches. And announcing your escape for a tropical beach holiday has a certain luxurious allure. However, it can be difficult when it comes to choosing your specific destination. Perhaps you’ve whittled it down to Aruba vs Bermuda?

In that case, we are here to help. Despite widespread belief, Bermuda is in the Atlantic Ocean, not the Caribbean – so consider Aruba if you want to stick to Caribbean destinations. With that said, Aruba and Bermuda are frequent causes of indecision for tourists. Both islands offer fantastic tropical escapes and are ideal holidays within the region.

We’ve compiled a useful comparison guide to help you decide between Aruba and Bermuda. We’ll compare things to do, differing costs, beaches, and even weather considerations. Enjoy!

Aruba vs Bermuda: Atmosphere 

Girls enjoying a drink in swimming pool
A smiling pair of girls in the pool via Pexels.

A country’s atmosphere is a huge consideration when choosing a holiday destination.

The first thing to note is that Bermuda is a British Colonial territory, so you’ll note extensive British influences around the island. On the other hand, Aruba is officially Dutch territory, so you’ll notice Dutch influences as well as Spanish and British.

Of course, Aruba and Bermuda experience lots of tourism from the US. Therefore, both countries do have an element of American culture. There is also an extensive tourism infrastructure that caters to resort lovers and the stress-averse.

Overall, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere for tourists in Aruba and Bermuda. The countries have a blended heritage that creates a flamboyant, vibrant atmosphere. There is also lots of colonial, social, and political history to unpack, which you can start by discovering at the islands’ museums.

The Winner

For this round, Aruba wins for atmosphere. The island has a more diverse atmosphere, and there are more cultures to discover during your stay.

Aruba vs Bermuda: Things to do 

Underground cave system
A cave via Pexels.

As we’ve mentioned, colonial museums are one way to unpack history in Aruba and Bermuda – the Bermuda Museum being particularly renowned. However, there are a lot more things to do on these islands.

In Bermuda, the East End is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This area of Bermuda, specifically the town of St George, was important in the American Civil War. Nowadays, tourists who want to experience mostly original colonial architecture and history should consider Bermuda.  

Of course, Bermuda has considerable natural attractions too, like the Crystal and Fantasy Caves and Blue Hole Park. These natural attractions can be visited via readily available tours, booked in advance, or through local operators. The Crystal and Fantasy Caves are filled with scenic underground pools, famous for their bright blue color and unique rock formations. The Blue Hole Park is a dense nature reserve with a famously-colored lagoon that attracts swimmers and cliff jumpers.

Aruba has similar natural attractions in the Arikok National Park. The Park is home to a natural pool and caves, although Bermuda’s caves are more developed for tourists to explore.

However, Arikok does have cave drawings of Aruba’s first recorded inhabitants, the Caiquetio Indians. While Aruba has a Historical Museum as well, it also offers historical attractions from pre-colonial history that Bermuda doesn’t. If history interests you, you may wish to consider this when deciding between the two.

Underwater, Aruba is also revered. The island is considered one of the best dive sites in the Caribbean, and the Antili shipwreck is especially famous. Snorkelers can explore some wreck sites. However, those with a PADI qualification should seriously consider Aruba’s diving opportunities. If you are qualified to dive, Aruba is likely a more exciting destination for you.

The Winner

It is a tough call, but our winner here is Aruba. Despite Bermuda’s natural and historical abundances, Aruba’s diving opportunities and cave drawings provide more unique things to do.

Aruba vs Bermuda: Cost

man reaching into wallet
A wallet via Pexels.

As an overall statement, Bermuda caters better to luxury holidays and higher budgets, while Aruba can cater to travelers on a budget.

Using the living cost calculator Numbeo, we’ve compiled a table to provide you with a comparison of typical expenses in Bermuda and Aruba.

An inexpensive restaurant meal ($)A domestic beer ($)A 12oz bottle of water ($)A one-way ticket on local transport ($)Monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center ($)

As is evident in the data shown above, the costs of visiting Bermuda are much higher than visiting Aruba. If you are on a strict budget, you may wish to consider Aruba. Whereas, if you want to splurge or perhaps indulge in a luxury escape or honeymoon, Bermuda has a clear draw for upscale travel.

Should you be considering a longer stay and renting an apartment, Aruba may be preferable. There is a clear financial disparity in rental prices, so you’ll likely find more comfortable and convenient accommodation in Aruba for around a quarter of the price.

The Winner

Purely considering value for money, Aruba wins this round. The country offers more flexibility for those with different budgets.

Aruba vs Bermuda: Accommodation

A luxury hotel
A woman on in an ocean hut via Pexels.

With their well-established tourist infrastructures, you won’t be scrambling for accommodation choices in Bermuda or Aruba (although we advise booking in advance to secure the best deals). There are plenty of choices on Airbnb and

One thing to note is that Aruba only has a select few hostels, like Pista Q, which lists a single room at $45 per night. Cheap dormitory rooms sell out in advance, so don’t expect Aruba to necessarily be cheaper – especially if you leave booking accommodation to the last minute. If you are visiting Bermuda on a budget, note that it has no official hostels. However, guesthouses are likely to be more budget-friendly and social.

Aruba and Bermuda have a selection of luxury five-star hotels. In Aruba, you can expect to pay between a considerable range of $400 and $1400 for a standard room at a luxury property. While, in Bermuda, you can expect to pay slightly higher in the $700 and $1500 bracket.

Unlike Bermuda’s more remotely spread hotels and resorts, Aruba’s upscale properties are mostly around the metropolis of Palm Beach. If you want a quieter, more relaxing location, it may be worth choosing one of Bermuda’s luxury hotels.

The Winner

Aruba does have more (albeit limited) budget accommodation, but Bermuda’s quieter-located luxury hotels win it this round.

Aruba vs Bermuda: Nightlife

deck of cards
A deck of cards via Pexels.

Nightlife has a different meaning for everyone. Do you want sophisticated cocktail bars? Do you want parties on the beach? Would you like packed nightclubs or perhaps a casino to try your hand at cards?

Bermuda and Aruba have very different nightlife to discover. You can expect a widespread rowdy, lively nightlife scene in Aruba and pockets of quieter nightlife in Bermuda.

If you want that party strip atmosphere, Aruba is the island for you. After dark, Palm Beach is the place to be and is crammed with bars, nightclubs, and multiple casinos. Aruba is the better location for hardcore partiers to let their hair down and immerse themselves in electric nightlife culture. And, the island is more connected than Bermuda, which means you are more likely to be within walking distance from pubs and clubs.

However, if you’d prefer a balance of nights out and a cocktail in relative silence by an illuminated pool, we’d recommend Bermuda. In Bermuda, Hamilton is one of the best areas to party. You can bar hop along Front Street with harbor views, with the option to finish with a dance at the Cosmopolitan Ultra Lounge & Nightclub. Yet, after, you can escape to a likely distant hotel without worrying about the noise of other partiers.

The Winner

It is a tricky decision, but for this round, Bermuda wins. While Aruba has a more condensed, wild nightlife, Bermuda has the best of both worlds – with a pocket of excellent nightlife yet room to retreat.

Aruba vs Bermuda: Beaches

beach with white sand
A beach in Aruba via Pexels.

The question of all questions. Which beaches are best between Aruba vs Bermuda? As an honest answer, both beaches are equally as beautiful. You can expect fine sand and those postcard-worthy beach colors that make you swoon or want to book a flight immediately.

One deciding factor is suitability for water sports and swimming. Outside of hurricane season, Bermuda’s waters are typically calm and protected by offshore reefs. While this makes Bermuda’s beaches good places to swim, it does mean less swell for surfing and water sports.

Aruba tends to experience more swell and ocean breezes, which might be a consideration if you want to try some water activities. Aruba’s beach conditions mean there are a lot more ocean activities on offer. However, those who prefer to swim in calmer waters might feel daunted by swells on some days.

The Winner

Both Aruba and Bermuda win for the beauty of their beaches. However, Aruba wins this round for more versatility in beach activities.

Aruba vs Bermuda: Weather

sunny tropical beach
A sunny beach via Pexels.

A general point of consideration for both islands is hurricane season. Tourists should avoid visiting between June and November, as Bermuda especially experiences strong winds and damage when hurricanes hit.

In terms of temperatures, Aruba is, on average, warmer than Bermuda but experiences more winds. Drawing data from Climates To Travel, we’ve compiled a guide to temperature expectations for Bermuda and Aruba in prime tourist months.

Mean temperature in March (Celsius)Mean temperature in April
Mean temperature in May

As is clear from the data above, Aruba has a more stable, warm climate than Bermuda. Temperatures in Aruba hover just under 30 Degrees Celsius for most of the year, naturally meaning it experiences warmer sea temperatures as well.

While Aruba does experience more wind, the wind chill is not likely to drastically impact the temperatures enough to bring the islands to a similar temperature.

The Winner

Aruba is our winner here, as the island experiences warmer weather all year round.

The Verdict 

Bermuda has won a few of our rounds here and is well-suited for tourists pursuing a luxury experience with elements of nightlife and history. But overall, Aruba is a clear winner. Aruba experiences warmer weather, has more cultural diversity, and caters to a wider spectrum of budgets.


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