The 11 Warmest Places To Visit In October

warmest places in October

How do you feel when autumn rolls around? Do you immediately miss the long hot days of summer? Do you think that rust-colored leaves and pumpkin-spiced lattes make a poor replacement for palm trees and pina coladas? Well, not to worry. If you need some October sun, we’ve got some perfect warm places for you to visit! 

Whether you’re after a quick trip to somewhere close by or a long haul vacation to somewhere more tropical. Whether you’re dreaming of a beach break, an island escape, or a city sojourn, we’ve got a destination for you. 

So dig out your swimsuit, pack that sunscreen, and plan a last bit of sunshine before the winter really rolls in. Take your pick from our list of 11 wonderful, warm places to visit in October.


Cancun sunset
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For somewhere warm to visit in October, you won’t get many places better than Cancún. This popular spot on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula has beautiful beaches and it is hot hot hot. Temperatures in October can reach 33℃ (91℉), while warm trade winds keep the worst of the humidity at bay. Plus, the sea is warm too! Water temperatures are at their highest in autumn, so water sports enthusiasts should head to Cancún to make the most of the balmy 28-31℃ (82-88℉) Caribbean waters. 

But if watersports is not your thing, Cancún is also famous for its raucous resort nightlife and the endless entertainment on offer. And with the Mayan ruins Chichen Itza, located conveniently close by, you can mix a little culture into your beach holiday too! 


white sandy beach in Aruba
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Where else to soak up some rays than in the Caribbean? With its postcard-perfect beaches and stunning clear seas, Aruba is a dream destination for beach lovers. It’s the most visited Caribbean island, and its climate is a large part of its appeal. Unlike some of the other islands, Aruba doesn’t have a wet season but enjoys a dry and sunny climate all year round with daytime temperatures around 28-34℃ (82 – 94℉).

And, while many other Caribbean spots have to worry about the hurricane season in October, Aruba sits outside of the Caribbean hurricane belt. So visitors don’t need to be worrying about storm risks or hurricanes ruining their vacation plans. 

Las Vegas

Las Vegas skyline
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Want some warmth without leaving the States? Head for the dessert! In the summer months, temperatures in Las Vegas can be as high as 40℃ (104℉). That’s just too hot for most people to be out and about in, and it can be dangerous, with visitors suffering from heatstroke, sun exposure, and dehydration. 

But if you choose to visit in the fall, you’ll find temperatures in the mid to high 20’s (low 80’s). Much more pleasant! In October, Vegas is plenty warm enough, but you’ll also be able to comfortably explore the incredible scenery of the Nevada desert, stroll along the Las Vegas Strip, and dine outside without fear of sunstroke!

Want another tip? Book a midweek trip. Vegas is a popular weekend getaway for many people, so visiting during the weekend is the best way to avoid the crowds and make the most of lower prices on hotel rooms and activities. 


Lanzarote island
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If you’re thinking more about European places to warm up in October, how about the Canary Islands? A long-time favorite for Brits looking for some late in the year sun, the Canary Islands are a great short-haul beach destination. This group of Spanish islands is located closer to the coast of Africa than Spain so they enjoy a hotter year-round climate than the mainland. 

The archipelago is made up of eight islands, all equally warm places to visit in October with average highs of 25℃ (77℉) and plenty of daily sunshine hours. But we’ve chosen Lanzarote for our list because we like its tranquility. It’s less built-up than the more popular islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria, which attract the package holiday crowd. And it doesn’t get as much wind as Fuerteventura, a favorite with wind and kite surfers. Lanzarote is an underdeveloped, peaceful, and beautiful place for an autumn beach holiday. 

The Algarve

The Algarve
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Portugal’s Algarve is another favorite for cold brits trying to warm their winter bones. With a solid seven hours of sunshine expected daily in October and highs of 24℃ (75℉), it’s a great place to head for some warmth. And while the Algarve has plenty of beautiful beaches, that’s not all it has to offer. You can stroll the old towns, explore the mountains and the national parks, play golf, party in the lively resort towns, tour the region’s famous wineries or take to the water on dolphin watching trips. 

And don’t be afraid to get in the sea, because the Algarve enjoys the warmest water temperatures in the country. Plus, Portugal is one of the best places in the world for surfing, and as the autumn rolls around, the waves start getting bigger and bigger. So head to Sagres to surf with the pros or stick to the south coast for beginner-friendly waves and surf schools.  


Rome at dusk
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If a city break is more your style, autumn is a great time to visit one of Italy’s top spots, Rome. This UNESCO heritage site-filled city holds no end of cultural and historical wonders. It’s a must-visit for lovers of history, art, and architecture. But in the summer heat, with all the tourists that Rome attracts, it can feel overcrowded, and navigating the city’s many highlights can become a bit of a chore. 

This is why October is a brilliant time to visit Rome because the summer’s heatwaves have passed, and the crowds have all left. So you can explore the city in warm, but not hot, weather and view the sights at your leisure without the hassle of queues and crowds, and chaos. Evenings are cooler than in the summers but still pleasant enough to make the most of the pavement cafes and restaurants across the city. And with only an average of seven days of rainfall across the month, you probably won’t even need an umbrella!


Marrakech desert
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If you’re in Europe and you fancy heading somewhere a little exotic but not too far away, try Morocco. Flights to Morocco take less than four hours from the UK, but once you arrive, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled half the world away. 

Marrakech especially is a treat for all the senses. The city is a riot of colorful sights and sounds and smells and is quite unlike anywhere else in the world. It’s a beautiful destination for architecture and history lovers, foodies, shoppers, people watchers, photographers, spa lovers, and culture hounds. And, it’s plenty warm enough!

Temperatures in Marrakech still reach 28℃ (82℉) in October, and you’ll find an average of eight hours of sunshine a day. Perfect weather for strolling the winding streets and exploring the souks, palaces, and gardens of this fascinating city. 


rice fields in Bali
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If you’re feeling the urge for a long-haul flight, then Bali should definitely be on your list. Bali is one of our favorite vacation destinations. We love it for its variety and how it offers something for everyone from cultural attractions to big wave surfing. Visitors to Bali can enjoy volcano hikes and dramatic landscapes, spa stays, diving with turtles and manta rays, island hopping adventures, yoga, and holistic retreats, and of course, long days spent relaxing on the beach. 

October is a beautiful time to visit Bali with an average temperature of 27℃ (80℉) with highs reaching 31℃ (81℉), balmy evenings and over nine hours of sunshine per day! October is still the dry season, although the rains might be starting to sneak up by the end of the month. Don’t let that put you off, rain in October tends to fall in short isolated showers, generally in the evenings, so it shouldn’t impact your beach days at all!


Crete in Greece
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We love the greek islands and would happily visit them at any time of year. But the Mediterranean climate makes them brilliant, warm places to visit in October. In autumn, the scorching heat of summer is replaced by a more mild heat that’s still great for sunbathing and ocean swimming but not too hot for hiking and city exploring.

We’ve picked Crete for our list because it’s one of the warmest Greek islands in October with average maximum temperatures of 23℃ (73℉) and sea temperatures to match. We also chose it because, as Greece’s largest island, it offers a wealth of activities to occupy you should the weather be not quite hot enough to make for a beach holiday. Crete is home to a wealth of fascinating historical sights, wonderful cities, great natural wonders, and hiking opportunities, so whatever kind of holiday you’re hoping for, you can find it in Crete. 


walking in the desert of Dubai
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If you want to seek autumn warmth while being surrounded by unimaginable luxury, then Dubai is the place for you. This land of conspicuous wealth, bucket-list adventures, and stunning beaches also happens to offer plenty of October warmth! In fact, it’s one of the most popular times of year to visit this Persian Gulf spot. 

Dubai’s summer temperatures can soar to an intense 40℃ (104℉), which is understandably far too much for some people. Instead, a popular time to visit the city is in the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn when it’s hot without being too hot! 

In October, the temperatures drop to a more comfortable 30℃ (86℉), much more conducive to sunbathing and city exploring. And if that’s still too hot for you, head to one of the many water parks, airconditioned luxury hotels, or into the indoor ski hill to cool down!


Island in Hawaii
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And finally, that fantasy vacation destination for many of us, Hawaii! Of course, it’s a glorious place to visit all year round, but October offers an excellent combination of good weather, reduced prices, and fewer crowds than at peak times of the year. 

October marks the end of the Hawaiian summer, and so the tourist crowds tend to die away. However, this is not a holiday destination that shuts down in the offseason. You’ll find accommodation and activities open all year round, and you can surf, swim, snorkel, hike, bike, tour and sail all year round! 

And the weather doesn’t change too much either. You’ll still find regular high temperatures of 28℃ (86℉), minimal rain and water temperatures of 27℃ (86℉). So head to Honolulu and Waikiki to experience the famous spots without the mad crowds of summer, or visit the Kona Coast of The Big Island for the hottest and driest October weather. 

So there we go, plenty of ideas for warm places to visit in October! So there’s no need to stay home and wait for winter to roll in, away you go and enjoy some autumn sunshine! 


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